RE: SOAP 1.2 Part 0: Primer Editor's draft available for review

Nilo Mitra likes:

>> For consistency, therefore, I'll drop the angle brackets from all the 
examples except those that show the HTTP 

For what it's worth, my assumption was that with something like the caveat 
I drafted, you could keep the angle brackets everywhere.  I think primer 
readers will expect it.  We did the same thing in schemas...our schema 
documents are technically spec'd as infosets:  all are shown in XML 1.0 
<..> form.  So, with the caveat, I think your examples need little or no 
change, whether or not related to HTTP.   In the case of HTTP, you might 
or might not want to illustrate what's actually on the wire (I.e. the 
entire HTTP message), in which case infoset is of course not an issue. 

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