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No generalized empty element in HTML Lars Eighner (Friday, 1 August)

HREF *required* in BASE? Holger Wahlen (Thursday, 31 July)

Software boosts profits by 50% !! jrosato@ascella.net (Thursday, 31 July)

WebFonts Paul Prescod (Thursday, 31 July)

<acronym? [was: www-html archives ] Alan J. Flavell (Wednesday, 30 July)

Multilevel Ordered List Radka Maleckova (Wednesday, 30 July)

Re: HTML suggestion (fwd) MegaZone (Wednesday, 30 July)

_parent addressing (still Re: Extending URL syntax ...?) Holger Wahlen (Wednesday, 30 July)

Words vs. context (was Re: "ACRONYM") Holger Wahlen (Tuesday, 29 July)

HTML 4.0/SGML, (#PCDATA)* problem in TEXTAREA Neil St.Laurent (Tuesday, 29 July)

REL="FYI&AMUSEMENT" Foteos Macrides (Tuesday, 29 July)

HTML 4 text.html#h-7.3.3 Lars Eighner (Tuesday, 29 July)

Re: List Bullets Ian Samson (Tuesday, 29 July)

Extending URL syntax for framesets? E. Stephen Mack (Monday, 28 July)

Images and formatting of lists, keywords in <a> Kjetil Kjernsmo (Monday, 28 July)

Entity for apostrophe? Holger Wahlen (Saturday, 26 July)

Multiple Languages in Title? Charles E. Carroll (Saturday, 26 July)

HTML suggestion Niklas Wallenius (Saturday, 26 July)

Re: IFRAME (fwd) MegaZone (Saturday, 26 July)

Re: BUTTON element (fwd) MegaZone (Saturday, 26 July)

Re: Body start tag. (fwd) MegaZone (Saturday, 26 July)

Page Break (fwd) MegaZone (Saturday, 26 July)

RE: Some complaints about HTML 4.0 (fwd) Rafael Cuesta (Saturday, 26 July)

HTML 4.0 events and DOM requirements draft (fwd) MegaZone (Saturday, 26 July)

Re: Collapsing breaks & non-beaking spaces. (fwd) MegaZone (Saturday, 26 July)

Re: Some complaints about HTML 4.0 (fwd) MegaZone (Saturday, 26 July)

misuse / abuse of html (was Re: CAPTION element for OBJECT?) (fwd) MegaZone (Friday, 25 July)

Re: Handling of script attributes (was Re: HTML 4.0 draft (fwd) MegaZone (Friday, 25 July)

Definition lists Holger Wahlen (Friday, 25 July)

Occurrence indicators for #PCDATA Holger Wahlen (Friday, 25 July)

"ACRONYM"? Holger Wahlen (Friday, 25 July)

Re: www-html-d Digest V97 #11 DWalluck@aol.com (Thursday, 24 July)

HTML 4.0 question Josh Paluch (Wednesday, 23 July)

Remove me Nicolas MONTESSUIT (Wednesday, 23 July)

Profile eva (Wednesday, 23 July)

Is BGCOLOR deprecated? eva (Wednesday, 23 July)

RE: Mail answer with subject Rafael Cuesta (Tuesday, 22 July)

Link Types [was: HTML 4.0 draft available] Norman Gray (Tuesday, 22 July)

SHORTTAG Russell Steven Shawn O'Connor (Tuesday, 22 July)

Dictionaries (was: "... comments on ACRONYM") Rob (Tuesday, 22 July)

Double paint of netscape 2.0 Colleen Smith (Monday, 21 July)

Max nb of characters in text area Patrick Doyon (Monday, 21 July)

Apologies [Was: ATTN: UNWANTED MESSAGES] jose.kahan@w3.org (Monday, 21 July)

Back reference Panayotis Georgios Matsinopoulos (Monday, 21 July)

misdirects Chuck White (Monday, 21 July)

Contents of OBJECT element E. Stephen Mack (Monday, 21 July)

Re: www-html-d Digest V97 #5 Cor Eberhard (Monday, 21 July)

Re: why TITLE, not TITLE? Abigail (Monday, 21 July)

Hans Joergen Haraldsen/EMA/LLY is finally on vacation Hans Joergen Haraldsen (Monday, 21 July)

"em" should be horizontal, "ex" vertical Lee Daniel Crocker (Sunday, 20 July)

BUTTON element Shelley Powers (Friday, 18 July)

Thoughts on ACCESSKEY E. Stephen Mack (Friday, 18 July)

<a href=URL type=MIME> element? Rob (Friday, 18 July)

Changes to added latin entities in HTML 3.2 Russell Steven Shawn O'Connor (Thursday, 17 July)

Re: (further) comments on ACRONYM Rob (Wednesday, 16 July)

Line Height Syntax Ian Samson (Wednesday, 16 July)

HTML for Galaxian... (huh?) Nicolas MONTESSUIT (Wednesday, 16 July)

BUTTON element Liam Quinn (Wednesday, 16 July)

Research about WWW error 404 Luis Fernando Garcia (Tuesday, 15 July)

Body start tag. Russell Steven Shawn O'Connor (Tuesday, 15 July)

CGI & HTML Murthy Pappu (Tuesday, 15 July)

HTML 4.0 - nitpicking "A brief SGML tutorial" Dianne Gorman (Wednesday, 16 July)

Meta Refresh syntax E. Stephen Mack (Tuesday, 15 July)

Page Break Gestion et Diffusion Informatique SA (Tuesday, 15 July)

nbsp Russell Steven Shawn O'Connor (Monday, 14 July)

&nbsp and CSS1 support jwp@checfs1.ucsd.edu (Monday, 14 July)

HTML 4.0 events and DOM requirements draft jwp@checfs1.ucsd.edu (Monday, 14 July)

Bizarre <script> tag spec jwp@checfs1.ucsd.edu (Monday, 14 July)

Multiple THEADs in Body? E. Stephen Mack (Monday, 14 July)

&nbsp entity (was "Some complaints...") Rob (Sunday, 13 July)

Specifying the width of table cells E. Stephen Mack (Sunday, 13 July)

White Space Bugs in Popular Browsers E. Stephen Mack (Saturday, 12 July)

Some complaints about HTML 4.0 Arnoud (Saturday, 12 July)

Suggestions/Demands for the new HTML 4.0 standards Jochen Wezel (Saturday, 12 July)

Auxiliary document data, pop-ups and range links Ishida,Richard (Saturday, 12 July)

HTML 4.0 draft - hexadecimal character references Foteos Macrides (Saturday, 12 July)

Null elements (was Re: HTML 4.0 draft available) Rob (Friday, 11 July)

More ideas for context elements in HTML 4.0 Rob (Friday, 11 July)

Comments on HTML 4.0 Dave Raggett (Friday, 11 July)

Re: misuse / abuse of html (was Re: CAPT Chapman, Hass (Friday, 11 July)

OBJECT SRC=? E. Stephen Mack (Thursday, 10 July)

Logical/Contextual elements Rob (Thursday, 10 July)

Purpose of THEAD, TFOOT and TBODY? E. Stephen Mack (Thursday, 10 July)

Very strange leading bug... in MSIE 3.01? Walter Ian Kaye (Thursday, 10 July)

Event model for <A> element Scott Matthewman (Thursday, 10 July)

XML Paul Prescod (Thursday, 10 July)

[HTML 4.0 draft] comments on INS and DEL Aymeric Poulain Maubant (Thursday, 10 July)

[HTML 4.0 draft] (further) comments on ACRONYM Aymeric Poulain Maubant (Thursday, 10 July)

RE: help Marmiga (Thursday, 10 July)

Re: Handling of script attributes (was R Chapman, Hass (Thursday, 10 July)

Link types Norman Gray (Thursday, 10 July)

IFRAME Chapman, Hass (Thursday, 10 July)

OBJECT specifying a run-time parameter example flawed? E. Stephen Mack (Thursday, 10 July)

CAPTION element for OBJECT? Liam Quinn (Thursday, 10 July)

Re: HTML 4.0 draft available (fwd) MegaZone (Wednesday, 9 July)

Handling of script attributes (was Re: HTML 4.0 draft available) (fwd) MegaZone (Wednesday, 9 July)

Eleventh International Unicode Conference Misha Wolf (Wednesday, 9 July)

HTML 4.0 PDF file Arnaud Le Hors (Wednesday, 9 July)

B, I (Re: HTML 4.0 draft available) Heinrich C. Kuhn (Wednesday, 9 July)

Handling of script attributes (was Re: HTML 4.0 draft available) Scott Matthewman (Wednesday, 9 July)

An smtp URL scheme James Berriman (Tuesday, 8 July)

HTML 4.0 draft available Dave Raggett (Tuesday, 8 July)

Frames - more problems David Perrell (Saturday, 5 July)

SIGNOFF * Thomas Heffernan (Wednesday, 2 July)

Frames - Problems -Reply Charles Peyton Taylor (Wednesday, 2 July)

Frames - Problems Andre-John Mas (Wednesday, 2 July)

Re: Subject line in Mailto forms Andre-John Mas (Wednesday, 2 July)

Page Inheritance Andre-John Mas (Wednesday, 2 July)

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