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TLS-Light Henry Story (Wednesday, 30 November)

Securing the Next Generation of Web Apps - talk Henry Story (Wednesday, 30 November)

Re: test suite bergi (Tuesday, 29 November)

xsd:hexBinary and xsd:base64Binary entailments Henry Story (Tuesday, 29 November)

excellent diagram in spec Peter Williams (Tuesday, 29 November)

WebID-ISSUE-66 (microdata): Microdata Support [WebID Spec] WebID Incubator Group Issue Tracker (Tuesday, 29 November)

dotnet implementation webid validation agent (doesnt work, yet) Peter Williams (Tuesday, 29 November)

struggling with ASK Peter Williams (Tuesday, 29 November)

Fediz IDP proposed for incubation at Apache 远洋 (Tuesday, 29 November)

Limit public keys and SAN entries? (was Re: Updated IdP to new spec.) Stéphane Corlosquet (Tuesday, 29 November)

spec is good Peter Williams (Sunday, 27 November)

Re: Normative vs Informative Henry Story (Sunday, 27 November) converted - an example without SPARQL Henry Story (Saturday, 26 November)

using windows to mint web id credentials, Peter Williams (Saturday, 26 November)

Verifying the WebID Claim Henry Story (Friday, 25 November)

Dec 12th/13th TERENA euroCAMP in Utrecht elf Pavlik (Friday, 25 November)

closed 9 issues Henry Story (Friday, 25 November)

WebID-ISSUE-65 (attack_scenarios): Add an Attack Scenarios section to the spec [WebID Spec] WebID Incubator Group Issue Tracker (Friday, 25 November)

WebID-ISSUE-64 (redirects): Redirects [WebID Spec] WebID Incubator Group Issue Tracker (Friday, 25 November)

WebID-ISSUE-63 (wikier): Explain on the wiki how to configure WebID on Apache Tomcat [WebID wiki] WebID Incubator Group Issue Tracker (Friday, 25 November)

how dirty can the HTML be, and still be RDFa? Peter Williams (Friday, 25 November)

Apache configuration bergi (Thursday, 24 November)

ask and you shall be redirected Peter Williams (Thursday, 24 November)

FORMAL WebID Teleconf, Monday 28 November 2011 -- 15:00UTC Henry Story (Thursday, 24 November)

new WebID spec published Henry Story (Wednesday, 23 November)

cert ontology updated Henry Story (Wednesday, 23 November)

updated spec with examples using new ontology Henry Story (Wednesday, 23 November)

different publish RDF in section 2.4.2 Dominik Tomaszuk (Wednesday, 23 November)

Re: [foaf-protocols] cert:fingerprint ? Dan Brickley (Tuesday, 22 November)

Re: cert:fingerprint ? Mo McRoberts (Tuesday, 22 November)

rsa ontology in cert namespace Henry Story (Monday, 21 November)

CGI::Auth::FOAF_SSL 1.002 Toby Inkster (Monday, 21 November)

new spec in bblfish branch of mercurial repository Henry Story (Sunday, 20 November)

new sequence diagram Henry Story (Sunday, 20 November)

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc.. as WebID IdPs Kingsley Idehen (Friday, 18 November)

Test suites added to mercurial Henry Story (Friday, 18 November)

Terminology Henry Story (Friday, 18 November)

Re: [foaf-protocols] Terminology Kingsley Idehen (Friday, 18 November)

FORMAL WebID Teleconf, Monday 21 November 2011 -- 15:00UTC Henry Story (Friday, 18 November)

WebID-ISSUE-62 (certificate_authorities): null certificate_authorities list WebID Incubator Group Issue Tracker (Friday, 18 November)

ISSUE-33: Add a reference to the X.509 spec in the references sections Henry Story (Friday, 18 November)

implementors first impression notes on the spec Peter Williams (Thursday, 17 November)

henry and code Peter Williams (Thursday, 17 November)

WebID-ISSUE-61 (xsd): xsd datatypes [ontologies] WebID Incubator Group Issue Tracker (Wednesday, 16 November)

Monday 14 November, Weekly meeting Henry Story (Monday, 14 November)

replaced cert:int with xsd:int Henry Story (Monday, 14 November)

long term webid of peter, contrary to rumour Peter Williams (Sunday, 13 November)

[OT] How secure is HTTPS today? Sergio Fernández (Tuesday, 8 November)

Another use case for DANE Henry Story (Saturday, 5 November)

WebID TLS Henry Story (Saturday, 5 November)

Re: [http-auth] Fwd: [TLS] HTTPS client-certificate-authentication in browsers, Henry Story (Friday, 4 November)

TLS renegotiation in Java bug Henry Story (Wednesday, 2 November)

Re: cert:int -> xsd:nonNegativeInteger Melvin Carvalho (Wednesday, 2 November)

Re: close ISSUE-40: A glossary of the preferred terms used for talking about the WebId architecture Jürgen Jakobitsch (Wednesday, 2 November)

Fwd: Web Cryptography Working Group Charter Henry Story (Wednesday, 2 November)

Re: HTTP request header field for acceptable authentication methods Mark Nottingham (Wednesday, 2 November)

Re: serialisation formats - Re: comments to references Dan Brickley (Monday, 31 October)

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