Re: test suite

Yesterday I've changed my code according the latest changes in the spec.
My old version contained code which wasn't required to be spec
compliant, but to run all test cases defined in the test vocab. This was
caused by different approaches of the public key verification. With the
ASK SPARQL query the complete verification process is now atomic. Some
more test cases can now be marked as optional. Optional means in our
case that these tests may be useful for users to check their WebIDs and
give them more detailed hints what could case problems. Because the term
optional could be a little bit confusing I propose to use the term
"profile". "Authentication Profile" would be the group of test cases
defined by the spec 3.1. "Analyze Profile" contains all test cases
defined in the vocab. The test suite would require the Authentication
Profile. If we can agree upon that I will change the vocab and the wiki
Independent from these changes I will update the test suite the next days.

That's the new Authentication Profile ASCII diagram:


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Received on Tuesday, 29 November 2011 23:54:28 UTC