Re: test suite

I am thinking the following hierarchy seems to make a lot more sense now
that I am implementing this in a more functional manner. In brackets '(...)'
are the optional tests

    ( wit:privateKeyNegotiationSucceeded ) //most apps won't know how to make this fail
    wit:certificatePubkeyRecognised, //more accurately: recognised by WebId layer
    ( wit:certificateCriticalExtensionsOk ) // requires more research

    wit:certificateProvidedSAN // one for each SAN - tests if  SAN is URL, for ex
       wit:webidClaim        // if SAN is good, then we have a claim
         wit:profileOk       // we can get profile and parse it
            ( wit:profileWellFormedPubkey ) //match keys in profile

Then the main test: if there is a WebId authentication succeeds if one
wit:webidClaim succeeds.

The above seems to follow the causal sequence more precisely.

I'll work along these lines just to see what that gives me.


On 30 Nov 2011, at 00:53, bergi wrote:

> Yesterday I've changed my code according the latest changes in the spec.
> My old version contained code which wasn't required to be spec
> compliant, but to run all test cases defined in the test vocab. This was
> caused by different approaches of the public key verification. With the
> ASK SPARQL query the complete verification process is now atomic. Some
> more test cases can now be marked as optional. Optional means in our
> case that these tests may be useful for users to check their WebIDs and
> give them more detailed hints what could case problems. Because the term
> optional could be a little bit confusing I propose to use the term
> "profile". "Authentication Profile" would be the group of test cases
> defined by the spec 3.1. "Analyze Profile" contains all test cases
> defined in the vocab. The test suite would require the Authentication
> Profile. If we can agree upon that I will change the vocab and the wiki
> page.
> Independent from these changes I will update the test suite the next days.
> That's the new Authentication Profile ASCII diagram:
> wit:webidAuthentication
> 	wit:webidClaim
> 		wit:certificateOk
> 		wit:profileOk
> 			wit:profileGet
> 			wit:profileWellFormed
> 			wit:profileWellFormedPubkey
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