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Re: Updated IdP to new spec.

From: Henry Story <henry.story@bblfish.net>
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 00:26:46 +0100
Cc: public-xg-webid@w3.org
Message-Id: <8185F198-B3EA-4BF6-96C3-3D8F98080B4B@bblfish.net>
To: Andrei Sambra <andrei@fcns.eu>

On 28 Nov 2011, at 00:13, Andrei Sambra wrote:

> Thanks! Maybe you could use the test page to tell me where the error is? Either can either reply to the list, or to my email, for me it's fine either way.

You mean this page https://auth.fcns.eu/auth/index.php?verbose=on ?

I think I sent it in the previous e-mail but with the .rdf extension it certainly would have been confusing.
Anyway, this is exactly why test pages are so useful...

We will need to update Bergi's tests for the new ontology..


> Andrei
> On 11/28/11 00:01, Henry Story wrote:
>> Great work Andrei. I can authenticate with my http://bblfish.net/people/henry/card#me WebID,
>> but not with my new RDFa http://bblfish.net/#me one
>> I am able to login with my rdfa id on https://foafssl.org/srv/idp Henry On 27 Nov 2011, at 12:45, Andrei Sambra wrote:
>>> Hello everyone,
>>> As of yesterday (Nov 26th), the authentication endpoint at https://auth.fcns.eu will only accept WebIDs written using the new specs. The tests it offers include a particular test for the old vs new spec, so that users should have at least one way of being alerted of this change.
>>> Also, the suite at http://webid.fcns.eu will now produce WebID profiles using the new spec. Unfortunately, I haven't yet got around to updating old profiles, so for testing purposes you might have to create a new one.
>>> As it is, I'm not aware of any bugs so far, but please report them as soon as you find one!
>>> Have a great weekend!
>>> Andrei
>> Social Web Architect
>> http://bblfish.net/

Social Web Architect

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