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excellent diagram in spec

From: Peter Williams <home_pw@msn.com>
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2011 12:24:25 -0800
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for the first time, the diagram in 2.3 tells the (fuller) story. Now one can see the way in which the URIs work together, being both profile and resources udner the control of the user described by the profile, as does the foaf:knows link data graph. This give me a private forest oncept, and it gives me a notion that a /protected/ (virtual) endpoint can induce someone to be challenged on opening an authentication guard at a protected resource, to show they are known.


The mechanisms are not in the scope, but the issues are. That diagram tells the wider story, in which the validation protocol fits. And, it tells is "naturally" and effortlessly, with URIs. 		 	   		  
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