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[Agenda: HTML-A11Y Task Force on 16 September at 15:00Z]

[Bug 10051] s/A WebSRT cue text span, representing text of the cue./A WebSRT cue text span, representing *the* text of the cue."/?

[Bug 10059] should allow a line terminator between </rt> and </ruby>

[Bug 10083] Remove references to Microdata from within the document

[Bug 10113] make </rt> optional (in syntax and parser)

[Bug 10172] nofollow/noreferrer not allowed on <link>

[Bug 10202] use of "codecs" parameter

[Bug 10320] Allow an arbitrary string as the voice for forwards compatilbity

[Bug 10351] """The stack of open elements cannot have both a td and a th element in table scope at the same time, nor can it have neither when the insertion mode is "in cell".""" - the second part of this is wrong in the fragment case

[Bug 10399] base64 def in algorithm for put to data URI

[Bug 10412] restriction of "bookmark" to <a>/<area> is arbitrary

[Bug 10434] Mint a link type for pointing to long descriptions (rel="longdesc")

[Bug 10448] Consider broadening the set of allowed roles for command elements

[Bug 10449] Consider allowing various command-like ARIA roles for h1-h6

[Bug 10450] Allow lists to be used as menus or tab sets

[Bug 10462] merge ARIA mapping tables and list

[Bug 10465] provide correct aria mapping and role info for the table element

[Bug 10478] modify table, tr and td roles

[Bug 10479] add role=radiogroup to details element

[Bug 10481] Default role of <IMG> should be "img"

[Bug 10493] "ARIA restricts usage of this role to one per page" is an unclear statement

[Bug 10556] Document tells people to register canvas context types at WhatWG

[Bug 10581] Drop the color input type

[Bug 10586] For good French typography, we need a sup span.

[Bug 10591] conflicting info for table element in aria section

[Bug 10592] "h1 to h6 element that does have an hgroup ancestor" not listed in ARIA section

[Bug 10593] thead, tfoot and tbody conflicts in aria section

[Bug 10594] conforming use of various aria attributes not specified

[Bug 10603] Clarify what default roles UAs may assign to elements not listed in the ARIA section

[Bug 10618] Use "unmapped" rather than "no role" in the weak/strong ARIA tables

[Bug 10619] Allowing A WebSRT voice declaration when the cue payload is WebSRT metadata text does not make sense, I think.

[Bug 10649] drag and drop

[Bug 10657] integration of "aria-autocomplete" with the various autocompletion mechanisms in html5

[Bug 10692] New: Fix coercion to Infoset for HTML5 to correctly preserve xmlns attributes

[Bug 10693] New: Need a means for navigating between related timed tracks of media elements

[Bug 10694] New: Specify window.console. Without it scripts around the web break because the author left in a console.something. Not sure which members are required; Opera has log, warn, error, info. They should be defined to either do nothing or show the arguments conver

[Bug 10708] New: change normative alt text authoring requirements to informative advice

[Bug 10709] New: @title should be a required attribute for FRAME and IFRAME in HTML5

[Bug 10710] New: Require controls to have programatically associated names

[Bug 10711] New: Playlist! We need it to <em>easy</em> define.

[Bug 10712] New: Drag and Drop: Add an attribute to identify drop targets

[Bug 10713] New: Drag and Drop: Add guidance for keyboard-only interaction

[Bug 10714] New: kinds of phrasing

[Bug 10717] New: Extensibility text mentions microdata but not RDFa

[Bug 10718] New: Remove Microdata from Acknowledgements

[Bug 10720] New: Remove modifications to Extensibility section

[Bug 10723] New: support for media fragment URIs in relevant HTML5 elements

[Bug 10726] New: The sentence "For each article element, there must no more than one time element..." is missing the word "be" in "must be no".

[Bug 10730] New: Confusing spec text in 'media seeking' scenario

[Bug 10735] New: Use classes on b/i elements in examples

[Bug 10738] New: Insert 'data-' in the heading/table of contents (editorial)

[Bug 10739] New: The attribute table doesn't mention data-*

[Bug 10740] New: encourage use of SHARED (vendor) prefixes: experimental--feature

[Bug 10741] New: align @extension with @vendor--feature (Rob Ennals's ISSUE-41 prop)

[Bug 10742] New: attributes must be taken care of

[Bug 10743] New: This is no longer correct -> In the following fragment, however, the attribute's value is actually "?original=1©=2", not the intended "?original=1&copy=2":

[Bug 10748] New: Second example snippet is identical to the first.

[Bug 10753] New: Typo: "occurance" instead of "occurrence".

[Bug 10760] New: Where is the closing </header> tag in the second 4.4.8 example, "Little green guys with guns"? Confusing.

[Bug 10763] New: Typo: "occurance" instead of "occurrence".

[Bug 10767] New: The <progress> and <meter> elements' value IDL attribute should be constrained by the range. Just like with <input type=range>.

[Bug 10769] New: In the table, it says vLinkColor and aLinkColor; it should be vlinkColor and alinkColor (as in the interface).

[Bug 10771] New: User agents disagree with each other and with the spec on rendering of multiple legends if the first one is styled

[Bug 10775] New: how is user to decide which set of access keys to use?

[Bug 10787] New: I don't see a way to save the canvas data as a BMP or JPEG or anything else that can then be uploaded via a FORM to a web server. This is a requirement, I woudl think.

[Bug 10788] New: @srcdoc in polyglot documents

[Bug 10793] New: Make the DOCTYPE by default XML-compatible: lowercase 'html'

[Bug 10796] New: describe relaxed requirements on xml:space for XHTML

[Bug 10799] New: drawImage/pattern filters underspecified

[Bug 10800] New: Reconsider form feed (U+000C) conformance

[Bug 10801] New: Limit the number of iterations in the loops in the AAA

[Bug 10802] New: Limit the number of identical items on the list of active formatting elements by removing previous duplicates when adding new items

[Bug 10803] New: Ignore document.written charset metas

[Bug 10804] New: charset sniffing: please describe the incompatibility

[Bug 10805] New: treating single quotes as double quotes not needed for compatibility with existing content

[Bug 10806] New: ignoring escapes is not needed for compatibility with existing content

[Bug 10807] New: i18n comment 1 : new attribute: ubi

[Bug 10808] New: i18n comment 2 : new dir attribute value: auto, and a new attribute: autodirmethod

[Bug 10809] New: i18n comment 3 : new attribute: submitdir

[Bug 10810] New: i18n comment 5 : U+2028 and U+2029 in textarea and pre elements

[Bug 10811] New: i18n comment 6 : U+2028 and U+2029 in dialog text

[Bug 10812] New: i18n comment 7 : line breaks in textarea and pre elements

[Bug 10813] New: i18n comment 8 : line breaks in dialog text

[Bug 10814] New: i18n comment 9 : block-display elements should act as UBA paragraph breaks

[Bug 10815] New: i18n comment 10 : block elements with display:inline should get ubi instead of default dir

[Bug 10816] New: i18n comment 11 : default ignorable code points

[Bug 10817] New: i18n comment 12 : title element should support and inherit dir attribute

[Bug 10818] New: i18n comment 14 : title and alt attribute direction and two new attributes: titledir and altdir

[Bug 10819] New: i18n comment 15 : option element should support the dir attribute and be displayed accordingly both in the dropdown and after being chosen

[Bug 10820] New: i18n comment 16 : option element should support text-align CSS property and be displayed accordingly both in the dropdown and after being chosen

[Bug 10821] New: i18n comment 17 : setting input and textarea element direction through browser UI should set the dir attribute and trigger oninput event

[Bug 10822] New: i18n comment 18 : on an OS that has a widespread UI convention for setting direction, user agent should support it on input and textarea elements

[Bug 10823] New: i18n comment 19 : when an input value is remembered, its direction should be remembered too

[Bug 10824] New: i18n comment 20 : list item marker display and position

[Bug 10825] New: i18n comment 21 : location of user agent window's overall vertical scrollbar

[Bug 10826] New: i18n comment 22 : location of an element's vertical scrollbar when it is not the user agent window's overall vertical scrollbar

[Bug 10827] New: i18n comment 23 : script dialog text direction

[Bug 10828] New: i18n comment 4 : new attribute: bidibreak

[Bug 10829] New: i18n comment : ruby code samples

[Bug 10830] New: i18n comment : Please add support for rb

[Bug 10831] New: Provide tablist and tab states for menu and command elements respectively

[Bug 10832] New: The scroll event is also a "magic event handler" in that <body onscroll> registers something on Window.

[Bug 10833] New: The element should only suffer from being missing if all of the checkbox choices are unselected - like radio buttons

[Bug 10834] New: Garbage collection is the wrong level of abstraction

[Bug 10835] New: "When the getContext() method of a canvas element is is to return ..." - too many ises

[Bug 10836] New: Several legacy attributes should reflect as URLs, not strings

[Bug 10837] New: playbackrate: undefined behavior when the user agent can't play back at the requested rate

[Bug 10838] New: Make <u> conforming.

[Bug 10839] New: Providing visible indication that descriptions and captions are available.

[Bug 10840] New: Allowing the user to independently adjust the volumes of the audio description and original soundtracks.

[Bug 10841] New: We require a method to allow the user to control playback timing in order to have more time to understand the material.

[Bug 10842] New: Support the isolation of speech from other background sounds in AV media

[Bug 10843] New: Support user control over the visual presentation of caption text.

[Bug 10844] New: Mono ruby, group ruby, and jukugo ruby

[Bug 10845] New: Clarify the difference between @srcdoc documents and @srcdoc value

[Bug 10846] New: Sections may contain headings of any rank

[Bug 10847] New: Could small be achieved with a more general statement? Eg, Legal, notice etc. Its very close to being presentation at this stage IMHO.

[Bug 10849] New: provide means to add image content catagories to images

[Bug 10851] New: Javascript access to rendered (calculated) styling information of a DOM node

[Bug 10853] New: HTML5 lacks a verbose description mechanism

[Bug 10854] New: willful violation of RFC2046 may be an exaggeration

[Bug 10862] New: Remove the newly added "s" element

[Bug 10873] New: Provide a method of explicitly setting a tooltip for an element

[Bug 10877] New: Spec should explain that the structured clone algorithm breaks Directed Acyclic Graphs into trees

[Bug 10878] New: Structured clone algorithm should be updated to support Directed Acyclic Graphs

[Bug 10879] New: Including "impossible" requirements even as a SHOULD is unnecessary

[Bug 10887] New: "garbage characters" in non-negative integers should be clarified

[Bug 10888] New: Access Command Requirements for HTML5

[Bug 10889] New: Content Model section should cite the Polyglot document for further advice

[Bug 10890] New: i18n comment : Allow utf-16 meta encoding declarations

[Bug 10891] New: That definition lists no longer can be used to mark up dialogue is missing

[Bug 10892] New: onreset IDL attribute missing from Window, HTMLDocument, HTMLElement

[Bug 10893] New: Allow definition lists to markup dialogue

[Bug 10894] New: Reflecting an IDL attribute with a URL should try to canonicalize whatever value is set

[Bug 10895] New: Use markup compatible with both HTML/XML syntax in examples

[Bug 10896] New: enable device independent access to event handlers

[Bug 10897] New: In general, synthetic events dispatched from script do not trigger default actions - click is the exception for compatibility

[Bug 10898] New: Additional attributes should be wired up to window when on body

[Bug 10899] New: DOMActivate is deprecated in DOM L3 Events

[Bug 10900] New: HTML to Platform Accessibility APIs Implementation Guide

[Bug 10901] New: Use same parsing for HTML <script> and SVG <script>

[Bug 10902] New: <video> element needs to support some form of DRM solution

[Bug 10903] New: provide an introduction to wai-aria in the wai aria section of the spec

[Bug 10904] New: <video> element needs to support some form of parental control solution

[Bug 10905] New: clarify how assigning an accesskey to an element affects the elements default role

[Bug 10906] New: make the the conforming use of placeholder dependent on the presence of a label

[Bug 10907] New: Reset algorithm for input elements doesn't seem to reset <input type='file'>

[Bug 10909] New: Clarify how fieldset's first legend should behave if the fieldset is disabled because of another disabled fieldset

[Bug 10914] New: Allow multiple space separated values for the ARIA role attribute

[Bug 10915] New: clarify why a command element that is not in a menu is conforming

[Bug 10916] New: Add a new <control> element to convey the common semantics of a script enabled UI control

[Bug 10917] New: modify user agent requirement for details element

[Bug 10918] New: provide better examples

[Bug 10919] New: Allow role="presentation" to override the default role of any element

[Bug 10920] New: Remove reference to WHAT WG wiki from other metadata names section

[Bug 10921] New: put back direct link to the W3C version of the canvas 2d context spec

[Bug 10922] New: Use normative keywords (MUST/SHOULD/MAY) in other metadata section

[Bug 7475] Semantics of rel=first and rel=index breaks specs and implementations

[Bug 7543] Consensus on ietf-http-wg was that repetition of relations is meaningless and we should rather use numbering (e.g. "up2"), names (e.g. "great-grandparent") or an attribute (e.g. level="3").

[Bug 7670] Use of prefixes is too complicated for a Web technology

[Bug 8252] HTTP caching rules are _ignored_? What's wrong with extending Cache-Control to support user-agent caching instead of coming up with an entirely new mechanism?

[Bug 8827] Inappropriate spec text and advice where images are not known

[Bug 9077] Lady of Shalott example doesn't really "enhance the themes or subject matter of the page content"

[Bug 9081] Confusing alt text in the fourth The Lady of Shalott example

[Bug 9428] Permit <object> to be used without the data or type attribute present

[Bug 9503] change controller for text/html-sandboxed media type

[Bug 9602] Autofocus attribute.

[Bug 9628] "willful violation" for detecting the charset

[Bug 9828] Update "Embedding custom non-visible data" with guidance for library authors to avoid naming collisions

[Decision] Close ISSUE-110 sandbox-type-owner by Amicable Consensus

[Polyglot] <noscript> and other tags that cannot be used

[Polyglot] Encoding Declaration State

ACTION-185 (register link relations)

ARIA mapping status

ARIA mapping status update

Bug mail (Was: [Bug 10479] add role=radiogroup to details element)

CfC: Close ISSUE-110 sandbox-type-owner by Amicable Consensus

CfC: Close ISSUE-116 text-alternative by Amicable Consensus

CfC: Publish eight heartbeat drafts as FPWDs

Change proposal for issue 103, was: ISSUE-103 change proposal

Enhanced change control after the Last Call cutoff.

Fwd: [apps-discuss] Request for reviews of draft-holsten-about-uri-scheme-04.txt (also ACTION-103 and ISSUE-54)

Fwd: ISSUE-121 (http-caching): Chairs Solicit Proposals

hixie: Adding the <s> element to the language. (whatwg r5561)

Hoisting <base> into <head>

HTML forms vs PUT and DELETE

HTML to Platform Accessibility APIs Implementation Guide

HTML WG F2F meeting, Nov 4-5 at TPAC 2010, Lyon, France

HTML WG: ISSUE-120 Use of prefixes is too complicated for a Web technology

HTML Working Group Discussion Guidelines

i18n Polyglot Markup/NCRs (7th issue)

IANA hanges to draft-nottingham-http-link-header

Integrating with the <device> element

Integrating with the event loop

ISSUE-103: XML escaping in iframe/@srcdoc - Straw Poll for Objections

ISSUE-116: Would a separate document work?

ISSUE-117 (deprecate-noscript): Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-118 (broken-link-types): Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-119 (Certain relationships take on a special meaning when repeated; other solutions may be cleaner)

ISSUE-119 (rel-repetition): Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-120 (rdfa-prefixes): Use of prefixes is too complicated for a Web technology [HTML+RDFa]

ISSUE-121 (http-caching): Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-122 (shalott-example): Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-123 (autofocus): Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-27: rel-ownership - Call for counter proposals

ISSUE-41: Decentralized-extensibility - Straw Poll for Objections

ISSUE-74 canvas-accessibility and ISSUE-105 canvas-usemap

ISSUE-92: cleanuptable - Straw Poll for Objections

Minutes from [Media] subteam teleconference - September 1, 2010

new draft, list of bugs to be filed

Null change proposal for ISSUE-41

Process, Bugzilla 'spam' Re: hixie: Adding the <s> element to the language. (whatwg r5561)

Proposal for ISSUE-41: Generalization of approach taken by SVG and MathML

Putting limits on formatting element growth

re bug: provide an inline link in the canvas section to the 2d context spec

Report on testing of the link relations registry

Request for Volunteers: Polyglot spec

Requesting Spec Text Additions

self-closing tags in html5

Timeline to Last Call

TWO Change proposals for ISSUE-41 : Distributed Extensibility

UTF-16, UTF-16BE and UTF-16LE in HTML5

Web compat and http-equiv


Zero-edit Change Proposal for ISSUE-41 (distributed extensibility)

{minutes} HTML WG Telecon 2010-09-09 - LC timeline, distributed extensibility, media accessibility

{minutes} HTML WG Telecon 2010-09-23 status of calls, issues and bugs, TPAC F2F

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