RE: i18n Polyglot Markup/NCRs (7th issue)

Per bug 10154  [1] I have edited the section so that it now reads as follows:

8. Named Entity References

Polyglot markup uses only the following named entity references:

    * amp
    * lt
    * gt
    * apos
    * quot

For entities beyond the previous list, a polyglot document uses character references. For example, polyglot markup uses   instead of  . Note that polyglot markup may use decimal values for escape characters (such as   in the previous example); however, the Character Model for the World Wide Web states that content should use the hexadecimal form of character escapes rather than the decimal form when there are both. [CHARMOD]

I believe that this satisfies the original request and the attempt to indicate that polyglot markup may use either hexadecimal or decimal.

Can someone please edit the information on the Internationalization Comments on Polyglot Markup: HTML-Compatible XHTML Documents [2] to indicate this change is made?

Thanks for your help and patience.



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Henri Sivonen, Mon, 19 Jul 2010 06:35:02 -0700 (PDT):
> Leif wrote:
>> First of all, my comment was to Richard, who suggested that POlyglot 
>> markup should "favor" hexadecimal NCRs.
> I think neither decimal nor hexadecimal can be preferred over the 
> other on polyglot grounds, so the publication shouldn't prefer one 
> over the other.

Such was my initial reaction as well. And I prefer that direction.  It also isn't the purpose of Polyglot Markup to permit served as HTML things which text/htmll does not open up for.

(For a reply to the document encoding issues, see separate reply.)
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