Re: Bug mail (Was: [Bug 10479] add role=radiogroup to details element)

On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 2:13 PM, Sam Ruby <> wrote:
> (*) Of course, people can apply client filters.  My goal is only to
> eliminate excuses.  My observation is that most of the work of the working
> group happens in bugzilla, which I will argue is a very good thing.  I want
> to allow everybody an opportunity to participate.  The alternative is to
> force everybody back onto the list, and I don't think anybody would be in
> favor of that.

Actually, I completely hate this and find it a massive impediment to
my staying informed of what occurs in the group.  Every other WG I
participate in does all their work on the list, or in a bug-tracker
that is well-integrated with the list such that the difference is

Working with Bugzilla is much less friendly than working with my email
client in the best of situations.  When there is a lot of work
silently happening in hundreds of individual bug-silos, trying to keep
up is basically impossible (for the amount of effort that I'm willing
to spend on it, in addition to my duties in other WGs and my normal


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