Re: Null change proposal for ISSUE-41

On 03/24/2010 02:57 AM, Ian Hickson wrote:
> ISSUE-41
> ========
> There is no problem and the proposed remedy is to change nothing.

The chairs have reviewed this proposal, and determined that it does not 
meet the standards for a Change Proposal.

This rationale does not address the use cases listed in the rationale 
described by the other two change proposals[1][2] on this topic.  Some 
position as to how these use cases can be addressed, or specifics on a 
case by case bases as to why one or more of these use cases should not 
be addressed, is warranted.

Additionally, if there are cases where there are use cases that are not 
addressed, the impacts section needs to be updated to include these.

The summary and proposal details sections were found to meet requirements.

Be advised that if a revised change proposal addressing these issues is 
not provided by 22 September, there is a significant possibility that 
this proposal will be eliminated from further consideration.

- Sam Ruby, on behalf of the three co-chairs


Received on Wednesday, 8 September 2010 14:08:24 UTC