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HTML Weekly Teleconference
23 Sep 2010


dsinger, +1.732.238.aaaa, eliot, Sam, [Microsoft], paulc, adrianba, franko, Janina, mjs, Michael_Cooper, Cynthia_Shelly
Paul Cotton
Adrian Bateman

  *   Topics<>
     *   ACTION items due by Thursday, Sept 23<>
     *   New Issues This Week<>
     *   Items Closed Last Week<>
     *   Items Closing This week<>
     *   Items Closing Next Week<>
     *   Outstanding Call for proposals<>
     *   Outstanding Call for counter proposals<>
     *   New Calls this week<>
     *   Issue updates<>
     *   Bugzilla notifications<>
     *   HTML WG F2F meeting at TPAC<>
     *   Other business<>
     *   Scribe for next meeting<>
     *   Adjournment<>
  *   Summary of Action Items<>

ACTION items due by Thursday, Sept 23

paulc: none
New Issues This Week

paulc: none seen
Items Closed Last Week


<trackbot> ISSUE-116 -- provide reference and info about HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives in html5 spec -- closed


<pimpbot> Title: ISSUE-116 - HTML Weekly Tracker (at

paulc: closed as a result of (non-)action by the WG

<paulc> See

<pimpbot> Title: Re: CfC: Close ISSUE-116 text-alternative by Amicable Consensus from Sam Ruby on 2010-09-16 ( from September 2010) (at
Items Closing This week


<trackbot> ISSUE-41 -- Decentralized extensibility -- open


<pimpbot> Title: ISSUE-41 - HTML Weekly Tracker (at

paulc: had a call for revised change proposals due yesterday
... 2 remaining proposals
... haven't seen subsequent e-mail on this so assuming these proposals are okay and chairs will issue a survey on this

rubys: makes sense for us to issue a survey after this call


<trackbot> ISSUE-110 -- Change Control for text/html-sandboxed media type -- open


<pimpbot> Title: ISSUE-110 - HTML Weekly Tracker (at

paulc: we were calling for consensus on the original issue


<pimpbot> Title: CfC: Close ISSUE-110 sandbox-type-owner by Amicable Consensus from Sam Ruby on 2010-09-15 ( from September 2010) (at

paulc: don't believe we had any responses to this

<rubys> +1

paulc: if there are no objections we will adopt this, since we didn't get any objections we'll take this
... chairs will process that after this meeting too

paul: item 4c on the agenda is the call for consensus for heartbeat working drafts that also closed yesterday


<pimpbot> Title: CfC: Publish eight heartbeat drafts as FPWDs from Sam Ruby on 2010-09-15 ( from September 2010) (at

paul: seen several letters of support
... none against so assume that this resolution is adopted
... chairs will now ask the editors to prepare the documents for publication and determine the schedule

<paulc> MikeSmith: Can you take care of a publication cycle?

paulc: did you have a target date?

rubys: nothing other than early October

paulc: okay, let's aim for early october
Items Closing Next Week


<trackbot> ISSUE-117 -- Deprecate the noscript element -- raised


<pimpbot> Title: ISSUE-117 - HTML Weekly Tracker (at

paulc: this issue will be closed without prejudice if there is no proposal by monday (sep 27)

<paulc> See

<pimpbot> Title: ISSUE-117 (deprecate-noscript): Chairs Solicit Proposals from Sam Ruby on 2010-08-25 ( from August 2010) (at

paulc: don't believe we have any proposals, good opportunity for people to be aware that this will be closed without prejudice unless someone steps forward
... this is imminently going to close and chairs will likely take action before next meeting without a proposal
Outstanding Call for proposals


<trackbot> ISSUE-118 -- Specification breaks semantics of existing link relations "index" and "first" -- raised


<pimpbot> Title: ISSUE-118 - HTML Weekly Tracker (at


<trackbot> ISSUE-122 -- alt text and description for Lady of Shalott example -- raised


<pimpbot> Title: ISSUE-122 - HTML Weekly Tracker (at


<trackbot> ISSUE-123 -- Autofocus attribute security concerns -- raised


<pimpbot> Title: ISSUE-123 - HTML Weekly Tracker (at

paulc: call for proposals are due on Oct 17
Outstanding Call for counter proposals


<trackbot> ISSUE-27 -- @rel value ownership, registry consideration -- open


<pimpbot> Title: ISSUE-27 - HTML Weekly Tracker (at

paulc: call for counter proposal closes on oct 17

<paulc> Mark N status update:

<pimpbot> Title: Re: ISSUE-27: rel-ownership - Call for counter proposals from Mark Nottingham on 2010-09-16 ( from September 2010) (at
New Calls this week


<trackbot> ISSUE-119 -- Certain relationships take on a special meaning when repeated; other solutions may be cleaner -- raised


<pimpbot> Title: ISSUE-119 - HTML Weekly Tracker (at

paulc: this closes on oct 24


<trackbot> ISSUE-74 -- How accessibility works for <canvas> is unclear. -- open


<pimpbot> Title: ISSUE-74 - HTML Weekly Tracker (at


<trackbot> ISSUE-105 -- allow image maps on the canvas element -- open


<pimpbot> Title: ISSUE-105 - HTML Weekly Tracker (at

<paulc> Request for input:

paulc: these two in combination with eachother

<pimpbot> Title: ISSUE-74 canvas-accessibility and ISSUE-105 canvas-usemap from Maciej Stachowiak on 2010-09-21 ( from September 2010) (at

paulc: chairs reviewed these two issues and came up with 5 questions that covers these
... asked for input from the wg that if we survey on these questions we get the result the group expects
... chairs think it would be best to survey these questions separately - if the group is amenable we will go ahead
... if we get no objections will likely get a survey early next week
... archive shows no responses so far


<trackbot> ISSUE-103 -- XML escaping in iframe/@srcdoc -- open


<pimpbot> Title: ISSUE-103 - HTML Weekly Tracker (at

<paulc> See:

<pimpbot> Title: ISSUE-103: XML escaping in iframe/srcdoc - Straw Poll for Objections from Sam Ruby on 2010-09-22 ( from September 2010) (at

paulc: sam issued this in the last 48 hours - closes on sep 29
... straw poll for objections on solutions to this issue
... has the a11y tf looked at this mail - are they aware of it?

janina: we did not specifically discuss in today's call
... will make sure people are aware of it - i think we're okay with what has been proposed

paulc: what we're looking for is feedback on whether the 5 questions will draw out the right response

janina: i'll make sure i follow up on that

paulc: given the deadline, i suggest forwarding to the tf mailing list

janina: agreed

cyns: perhaps the canvas subteam should discuss

paulc: an immediate feedback might be that giving us only until sep 29 might not be enough given rush to oct 1
... we might be open to extend the deadline
... this e-mail is not about the change proposal but about how the survey will be done
... i'd like people to comment on how the chairs are going about the survey

janina: i'll look and make sure if we need more time we ask by early next week
Issue updates

paulc: repeated a couple from last week


<trackbot> ISSUE-85 -- ARIA roles added to the a element should be conforming in HTML5 -- open


<pimpbot> Title: ISSUE-85 - HTML Weekly Tracker (at

<paulc> Last week's report:

<pimpbot> Title: ARIA mapping status update from Maciej Stachowiak on 2010-09-16 ( from September 2010) (at

paulc: i included the report from last week - don't believe anything newer is available?

mjs: agreed, nothing new yet - will review

paulc: the a11y tf has asked if the rhythm of this will be impacted by the oct 1 deadline
... we need to figure this out because we're trying to file bugs on both spec and change proposal

mjs: the general thing we've said is if anyone wants a bug to be considered after oct 1 we will deal with on a case by case basis
... if there are things coming out of an existing issue we'd probably approve if they were done promptly
... should take offline

paulc: agreed. we should let janina know we will be discussing


<trackbot> ISSUE-9 -- how accessibility works for <video> is unclear -- open


<pimpbot> Title: ISSUE-9 - HTML Weekly Tracker (at

paulc: wasn't here for last week's call - not sure if we're getting feedback, are we making progress?
... is silence affirmation of the requirements?

janina: i'm not sure how else to take this
... we worked hard on this in the media sub-team and have reached out to experts where they have typically been implemented
... we're pretty happy that it is complete - if there are no additional comments, silence is probably agreement
... we're looking at what impact this has on the spec, we're planning one more bug on this
... we're also identifying the priorities and what to work on first
... there's a request that will be coming to ask for 3 sections that were once in the spec (timed tracks) that has been improved in the WHAT specs that we'd like brought back
... but without the specificity of the format
... as far as the user requirements, we were asked to not assume that the whole wg has agreed
... but i think that is what paul is asking about, are these in fact the requirements

paulc: yes, i haven't seen much commentary on this - does the WG believe these are all the requirements or that there is a minimum set
... disappointed with the response given all the work that has gone into the requirements but maybe the group is insensitive to requirements and more responsive to change proposals

mjs: we agreed to come up with a short text to send to the group to give a little more context for the requirements
... and explicitly state that without comment they are approved

<janina> Here's the URI for our tech reqs and dependencies from the user reqs on media a11y:


<pimpbot> Title: Media Accessibility Checklist - HTML accessibility task force Wiki (at

mjs: the action is on me to send this, we need to put the group on notice that they should speak now

<scribe> ACTION: maciej to inform the group that no comments on issue-9 requirements means they will be accepted [recorded in]

<trackbot> Created ACTION-187 - Inform the group that no comments on issue-9 requirements means they will be accepted [on Maciej Stachowiak - due 2010-09-30].
Bugzilla notifications

paulc: discussion on the list about what level of bugzilla notifications people want to receive on the list


<pimpbot> Title: Re: Bug mail (Was: [Bug 10479] add role=radiogroup to details element) from Maciej Stachowiak on 2010-09-21 ( from September 2010) (at

paulc: last item i saw was from maciej asking mike smith to make it so

mjs: i spoke to mike about this and he agreed to work on this - i think this may be set-up so not 100% sure
... best for mike to confirm if changes complete

paulc: we will carry this item forward and the chairs will follow-up with mike

mjs: think things are configured correctly

<mjs> MikeSmith, Zakim just got your voice mail
HTML WG F2F meeting at TPAC

paulc: thur and fri nov 4/5
... sent a reminder to the wg about this

<paulc> See:

<pimpbot> Title: RE: HTML WG F2F meeting, Nov 4-5 at TPAC 2010, Lyon, France from Paul Cotton on 2010-09-22 ( from September 2010) (at

paulc: chairs are planning to follow the unconference style again
... the way that works is that we have lightning talks on the first day to generate topics
... and organise the agenda from there
... plenary is on wed, the day before
... i've been asked to organise a panel on html
... soliciting participants to talk about everything beyond html5
... wg members might be interested in helping
... also sent to a11y tf - some people interested in participating on topics
... also suggested topics related to 3d work outside w3c
... if wg members have topics they are interested in in advance that will help
... tpac registration closes in october and there is a daily fee that goes up drastically after that date
... details in the mail thread

janina: i can't imagine we wouldn't want to spend time on a11y work, just not sure what topics yet
... agenda driven by who is able to attend

paulc: yes, like the wg as a whole
... we'll run an unconference meeting based on who is there
... we should have some concrete proposals and having the opportunity to discuss f2f will help move forward

janina: always thought conferences good for this
... i also have a request - i think it would be valuable to have a html5 a11y presentation on the plenary day
... think media would be the strongest topic - using html5 for media delivery on whatever platform
... the fact that we're addressing this area is the biggest news that people might not be aware of
... and would be useful on the plenary day
Other business

paulc: anyone?
Scribe for next meeting

paulc: any volunteers to scribe?
... chairs will find somebody

paulc: adjourned, thanks

<paulc> Meeting adjourned at :38

<Laura> bye

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: maciej to inform the group that no comments on issue-9 requirements means they will be accepted [recorded in]

[End of minutes]

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The HTML Working Group will have its usual weekly teleconference on

2010-09-23 for up to 60 minutes from 16:00Z to 17:00Z.

Tokyo 01:00+1, Amsterdam/Oslo 18:00, London/Dublin 17:00, New

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Chair of the meeting: Paul Cotton

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== Agenda ==

1. ACTION items due by Thursday, Sept 23


2. New Issues This Week:


3. Items Closed Last Week

a) ISSUE-116


4. Items Closing This week

a) ISSUE-41: calls for revised change proposals, due Sept 22

Extensions like SVG:

Zero-edit proposal:

Status: Chairs are expecting to issue a survey on the above two change proposals.

b) ISSUE-110: sandbox-type-owner, Call for consensus, due Sept 22

Status: This issue's only change proposal will be adopted if there is no objection by Sep 22.

c) Call for consensus on heartbeat drafts, due Sep 22

Status: This resolution will pass if there is no objection by Sep 22.

i) HTML5


iii) HTML Microdata

iv) HTML Canvas 2D Context

v) HTML: The Markup Language

vi) HTML5 diffs from HTML4

vii) HTML/XHTML Compatibility Authoring Guidelines

viii) HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives

5. Items Closing Next Week

a) ISSUE-117: deprecate-noscript, Call for Proposals, due Sep 27

Status: This issue will be closed without prejudice if there is no proposal by Sep 27.

6. Outstanding Call for proposals

a) ISSUE-118: broken-link-types, due Oct 17

b) ISSUE-122: shalott-example, due Oct 17

c) ISSUE-123: autofocus, due Oct 17

7. Outstanding Call for counter proposals

a) ISSUE-27: rel-ownership, due Oct 17

Mark N's update:

8. New Calls this week

a) ISSUE-119: rel-repetition, Chairs Solicit Proposals by Oct 24

b) ISSUE-74: canvas-accessibility and ISSUE-105: canvas-usemap, Chairs call for comment on survey approach and last call for changes to proposals

c) ISSUE-103: XML escaping in iframe/@srcdoc, survey closes Sep 29

9. Issue updates

a) ISSUE-85 and Bug 10066

Last week's report:

b) Issue-9 Media Accessibility User Requirements

10. Bugzilla notifications

11. HTML WG F2F meeting at TPAC

12. Other business

13. Scribe for next meeting

14. Adjournment

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code: HTML (4865)

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