HTML Working Group Discussion Guidelines

Dear HTML Working Group,

Last week, the chairs announced our schedule to get to Last Call, and a new enhanced form of change control for the spec. While this schedule is aggressive, it should be achievable if we all focus on resolving the remaining issues and finding any further showstoppers that may be lurking.

One thing we all need to do is re-commit to upholding a professional working environment. To that end, the chairs would like to present discussion guidelines for the Working Group[1]. Please take a moment to review these simple guidelines:

These guidelines will be nothing new to most of you; these are the same expectations we've set for Working Group participation all along. We will be applying these guidelines to all of the Working Group's discussion spaces, including but not limited to the public-html mailing list, the wiki, the issue tracker, and the bug tracker.

(on behalf of the chairs)

[1] Originally written down by Laura Carlson and refined by the Chairs. Thanks, Laura!

Received on Monday, 13 September 2010 12:17:15 UTC