Re: ISSUE-119 (Certain relationships take on a special meaning when repeated; other solutions may be cleaner)

On 18.09.2010 11:22, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> ...
> Feel free to update the description to match your intent.


> One question: when you say "restore the old semantics of link relations in general", do you mean every single relation that differs from the definition of HTML4.01 in any way? If so, that seems like a rather broad scope for an issue, and certainly far beyond the scope of bug 7543, which was quite clearly solely about the semantics of a repeated relation name. I tried to make the issue match the bug. If you actually mean specifically the subset of relations where HTML5 defines a specific meaning for repetition, but have a different way of describing it, then that's fine.

I meant the latter.

For other cases where HTML5 changes the semantics of link relations from 
HTML4, we should treat that as separate bugs.


Best regards, Julian

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