Integrating with the event loop

Hi all,

this is, again, a message from the DAP WG.

We've been looking at tightening up loose ends in our more mature specifications so as to bring them to last call hopefully soon. One thing that's been dangling on my plate for a while is integration with the event loop (task queues and all that).

On the one hand I understand how the model is a useful abstraction, and I see a number of places where it may clarify things. On the other hand, I note that some specifications that don't use it  Geolocation comes to mind  don't appear to have specific interoperability issues (in this respect at least).

What I can't seem to figure out is what is the criterion one uses to decide whether describing one's process in event loop terms is useful/necessary, and when it's optional. My first reaction was asynchronicity, but that doesn't seem to be sufficient.

Any guidance on this topic will be welcome,

Robin Berjon -

Received on Wednesday, 22 September 2010 15:47:50 UTC