RE: Report on testing of the link relations registry

Ian Hickson wrote:
> The microformats registry is far more up to date than the link
> relations registry. There's no reason we shouldn't consider it the
> official place to look to see what a link relation's spec is, or to
> ensure
> that we aren't overlapping with someone else when we invent a new type.

The down side however with a "wiki" being the official place is that any
idiot can go into the wiki and wreak havoc, and there are few checks and
balances in place: yes, 'wiki' etiquette and honorable and gentlemanly
(and womanly) behavior should apply, but a recent attack on some recent
entries on the W3C wiki this week serve to highlight the problem with this

I understand (and am sympathetic to) Ian's frustration with his attempt to
work within the IANA registry, but leaving things completely up to a wiki
seems to me too far a swing in the opposite direction. Is there a middle
ground somewhere?

My $0.02


Received on Wednesday, 1 September 2010 22:00:45 UTC