Re: hixie: Adding the <s> element to the language. (whatwg r5561)

On 30.09.2010 13:52, Henri Sivonen wrote:
>> That would imply be'ing cc'd on all bug changes, right?
> Isn't this the reason why bugzilla spams public-html: To make every participant of the group aware of all filed bugs without CCing?


But I do not believe Bugzilla was configured like that when the bug was 
raised (early April).

> (It should have been clear from the bug summary without being CCed for later bug comments that if FIXED, the bug would result in<s>,<strike>  or both becoming conforming.)

Yes. If I had been aware of the bug, it would have been clear.

I wasn't, because the notification mails that I get did not mention the 
bug, and I wasn't aware that the checkin comment in the WHATWG SVN might 
have more details. Now I am aware of that, and will check it next time 
something surprises me.

Best regards, Julian

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