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"RPC" and "Messaging" style of SOAP

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[Fwd: Issue Gudge General a): closed ("split part 2")]

[R505][i54] No a priori knowledge Requirement

A topic-linked REST/WS discussion

Attribute items on SOAP elements

AXIS Beta 1 is available

Clarification on use of encodingStyle attribute

Clarification on use of SOAP attributes throughout a SOAP message

Clarifying optionality of HTTP binding

Draft Resolution for Issue 41

Email binding issue

Fielding on SOAP

Final Proposal for Issue 41

Getting no REST

HTTP binding & faultHint

HTTP intermediaries and SOAP

Inconsistencies in SOAP 1.1 part 1 Versioning model


Issue #12: HTTP Status Codes 500 v 200

issue #192 positions

Issue 180: Parameter ordering

Issue 189: closed

Issue 192 & R803

Issue 192; HTTP binding looks ok

Issue 195: soap-rpc:result

Issue 36: Clarify nature of conformance

ISSUE 56 : Draft resolution

Issue 61: external payload reference/S+A

Issue 82 : Proposed resolution

Issue Gudge General a): closed ("split part 2")

Issues 12 & 192

Issues 12 & 192 (long)

minutes of 20 feb 2002 and 13 mar 2002

minutes of 6 march 2002

Need new MEP for SMTP binding

New (?) issue : SOAP module specifications

New issue

New Issue from F2F: Handling badly formed SOAP Messages.

New issue re recognizing faults

New issue: HTTP binding/status code

primer comments

Proposal for dealing with issue 187

Proposal for issue 78: RPC structs and Encoding root attribute

Proposal for resolution to issue 190

Proposal for resolving issue 110

Proposal for resolving issue 163: attribute id not a real ID

Propose resolution of issue 191


Question on envelope parameter on SOAP media type

REPOSTED: Issue 61: external payload reference/S+A

REPOSTED: Re: Issue 61: external payload reference/S+A

Request to fix use of "transport"

REST example

Rework on SOAP 1.2 Part 2: Section 2 and 3

sender/receiver ids transmitted within xml documents...

SOAP 1.2 Assertions and Tests document

SOAP 1.2 Usage Scenarios

Soap Bindlings with Asynchronous Protocols

SOAP Encoding / Data Model as a (REST?) stand-alone data form at

SOAP Encoding / Data Model as a (REST?) stand-alone data format

SOAP schema errors


Summarizing the last 192 discussion

T is for Transfer

The reason for roots?

Uniqueness, id and ref

Usage Scenarios review

What is SOAP?

whats a xml rpc protocol?

When is a Fault a Fault?

Wsdl interoperability question

XML protocol comparisons

XML Schema Tools

xsi:type for multiref targets.

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