Re: New issue

Additional issue.

In his recent comments[1] on Part1, Noah raised the following
issue : "[NRM11] The original is incoherent. A message with a DTD
is not a SOAP message. Legal bindings don’t even accept infosets
that contain DTDs for transmission.  How could one be received?"

<quote where="soap12-part1.html#soapenv">
On receipt of a SOAP message containing a Document Type
Declaration, a SOAP receiver MUST generate a fault (see 4.4 SOAP
Fault) with a fault code of "DTDNotSupported".

<proposal author="Noah">
SOAP nodes MUST NOT transmit, and transport bindings MUST NOT
provide for transmission of SOAP messages with Internal Subset



Received on Friday, 15 March 2002 11:18:19 UTC