Congratulations on the Primer, it reads very well. Just a few relatively
minor comments:
   Section 2 second paragraph - sentence "In this application .......
   planned trip, *which* information is transferred in a SOAP message.
   Section 2.1 third paragraph from end - "The means by which a SOAP ....,
   and is *presumably* determined ......" Remove presumably.
   Examples 4 and 5 should include the root attribute following resolution
   of issue 78
   Section 2.4 (this is only a personal preference) - Replace 7bis and 7ter
   with 7a and 7b
   Section 2.4 - space needed between "known" and "a priori"
   Section 2.4 - table formatting. Blank Node column.


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Hello John:
I understand that you undertook as an action item to review the latest
Primer draft. In case you have not already begun, may I recommend that you
print out the latest (circa 3/6/02) draft [1] which has some additional
changes made since the F2F. In case you have already started with the F2F
version, here are the most signficant changes (hopefully for the better):

- moved section 2.2 (Processing Model) to the end of section 2 (as section
2.4) so that readers are gradually introduced to the subject via examples
first. The contents are ***exactly the same***.

- beefed up the section 5 on changes between SOAP 1.1 and 1.2 (removed
section 5.2 and made it section 5.1 top level section 2). Can you think of
any more differences?

- miscellaneous changes such as replacing "transport binding" with
"protocol binding" etc.

You'll find all changes since the f2F in the change log.
P.S. The only thing I have to complete is section 4.2, showing another
serialization scheme.


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Received on Monday, 18 March 2002 06:24:17 UTC