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WinCGI Daniel DuBois (Friday, 1 September)

Session tracking Steven R. Pfister (Thursday, 31 August)

Browser Interpretation of Location: Header Jim Killian (Thursday, 31 August)

bad-idea-of-the-day: Inline data as URL scheme? Larry Masinter (Wednesday, 30 August)

WWW standards Czanik Peter KTG I. (Wednesday, 30 August)

New WWW Browser, SurfIt! Steve (Wednesday, 30 August)

Downloading (fwd) Al Coslor (Tuesday, 29 August)

Downloading Al Coslor (Tuesday, 29 August)

htimage bug? JEFFREY KUNCE (Tuesday, 29 August)

Referring to hypermail archives at EIT Kevin Hughes (Sunday, 27 August)

Support for HTTP methods Siddharth Tiku (Friday, 25 August)

Q: How to create a Web browser DEDY@melvar.giok.com (Friday, 25 August)

I-D ACTION:draft-kristol-http-state-info-00.txt, .ps Dave Kristol (Thursday, 24 August)

Can you cache the unknown? (was Re: Session-ID proposal) Mark S. Friedman (Thursday, 24 August)

HTML and mailing list processors Rich Wiggins (Thursday, 24 August)

Can you cache the unknown? (was Re: Session-ID proposal) Bob Wyman (Wednesday, 23 August)

The WWW-Talk and WWW-HTML mail archives Kevin Hughes (Wednesday, 23 August)

Webperf: The Next Generation In Web Server Benchmarking Prasad Wagle (Tuesday, 22 August)

updated State-Info proposal Dave Kristol (Wednesday, 23 August)

HTML and LISTSERV Steve Harris (Wednesday, 23 August)

Michael Doyle and Eolas techno@solar.sky.net (Wednesday, 23 August)

Re M Mealing suggestion Terry Allen (Tuesday, 22 August)

Re: Stop! [was: EOLAS blah blah blah... Nick Arnett (Tuesday, 22 August)

How to Quit eoog09@festival.ed.ac.uk (Tuesday, 22 August)

can multi-content-type in a message? wqf@uestc.edu.cn (Tuesday, 22 August)

Weblet patent Mike Doyle (Tuesday, 22 August)

does arena browser support banner yet? Doris Chen - Softline (Monday, 21 August)

How to send long search patterns Yoo-Shin Lee (Monday, 21 August)



FWD>Adobe Acrobat 2.1 announced Kurt Foss (Monday, 21 August)

FWD>Adobe Announces Acrobat v. 2.1 Kurt Foss (Monday, 21 August)

new html extension proposal AChen@jgc.com (Monday, 21 August)

Q: How to run a script instead of index.html? Despodata (Monday, 21 August)

W3C WWWDaemon 3.1 ? Jean-Philippe Martin-Flatin (Friday, 18 August)

http 401 Unauthorized handling Jan Rygh TFU (Friday, 18 August)

Guido's Python and the proto Grail Steven D. Majewski (Friday, 18 August)

CIKM Intelligent Information Agents Workshop, Call for Papers Timothy Finin (Thursday, 17 August)

A question/suggestion for HTML 2.0 or 3.0 Michael Mealling (Thursday, 17 August)

Scritp's Milagros Huerta (Wednesday, 16 August)

HTTP/1.0 Internet-Draft 02 Available Roy Fielding (Tuesday, 15 August)

Distributed Informatics in Education - Call for Participation Julio Feller Golin (Tuesday, 15 August)

another State-Info version Dave Kristol (Monday, 14 August)

ANNOUNCEMENT of Line Mode Browser 3.1 Henrik Frystyk Nielsen (Monday, 14 August)

ANNOUNCEMENT of W3C Reference Library 3.1 Henrik Frystyk Nielsen (Monday, 14 August)

New Web/FTP log analysis tool beta release Benjamin Franz (Sunday, 13 August)

posts to both www-talk and http-wg Shel Kaphan (Friday, 11 August)

Re: Dave Kristol's "State-Info" proposal Shel Kaphan (Friday, 11 August)

Re: Non-persistent Cookie proposal Dave Kristol (Friday, 11 August)

access local files Meritt, Jim (Friday, 11 August)

Non-persistent Cookie proposal Koen Holtman (Friday, 11 August)

where to get caching proxy wqf@uestc.edu.cn (Friday, 11 August)

Dave Kristol's "State-Info" proposal Shel Kaphan (Thursday, 10 August)

State-Info is too fragile... Bob Wyman (Thursday, 10 August)

Session-ID -> State-Info Dave Kristol (Thursday, 10 August)

WHAT'S GOING ON? metze@vmetze.mrl.uiuc.edu (Thursday, 10 August)

Session-ID proposal update Dave Kristol (Wednesday, 9 August)

DTD Question. Paul Wain (Wednesday, 9 August)

HTTP/1.0 Internet-Draft 01 Available Roy Fielding (Tuesday, 8 August)

a test result Shel Kaphan (Tuesday, 8 August)

Session Identification Patrick Petit (Tuesday, 8 August)

Session-ID proposal Dave Kristol (Monday, 7 August)

New Apache server BETA release... Robert S. Thau (Monday, 7 August)

How can I slurp a subtree? Maurizio Codogno (Monday, 7 August)

ANNOUNCE: From Webspace to Cyberspace Kevin Hughes (Monday, 7 August)

test of new Location header usage Shel Kaphan (Sunday, 6 August)

APWWW / AUUG '95 Conference Details Piers Lauder (Sunday, 6 August)

mailto:www-talk@mail.w3.org UTENTE GENERICO ALMA - PER ALMATEL (Saturday, 5 August)

browsers & the web Steve (Friday, 4 August)

Clientside Maps Jerrold Maddox (Friday, 4 August)

how do I get off this list Nabil Twyman (Thursday, 3 August)

Event-driven document expiration Shel Kaphan (Thursday, 3 August)

How Caches work Mary Morris (Wednesday, 2 August)

Re: Let's talk strategy (Netscape's 75% figure) Rich Wiggins (Wednesday, 2 August)

HotFlash 2.29 HotFlash (Saturday, 29 July)

Choice of Web server platform Kevin Ng (Wednesday, 2 August)

Question about NCSA Mosaic CCI... Carlos Carvalhal (Tuesday, 1 August)

Macimage Bruno Caruso - dvddd (Friday, 1 January)

Re: Let's talk strategy Steve Maybo (Monday, 31 July)

Re: Simple Vector file format for Web? Gavin Nicol (Monday, 31 July)

An updated Request-id proposal Koen Holtman (Friday, 28 July)

(no subject) Peter Hirtle (Friday, 28 July)

New logfile analysis program Stephen Turner (Thursday, 27 July)

Client <-> Server-generated Session IDs rep@iexist.att.com (Thursday, 27 July)

State Information as HTML attribute (was: session is as part of URL) Terje Norderhaug (Thursday, 27 July)

(no subject) James Pitkow (Thursday, 27 July)

session IDs Robert Robbins (Thursday, 27 July)

Re: session-id redux (resend) Marc Hedlund (Wednesday, 26 July)

HTML 3.0 and the base tag proposal (was bookmark) Dave Hollander (Wednesday, 26 July)

session-ids here now, with *all* the problems. Robert S. Thau (Wednesday, 26 July)

looking for archives of www-talk, www-html, and www-proxy David Lewis (Wednesday, 26 July)

session-id redux Brian Behlendorf (Wednesday, 26 July)

Care and feeding of www-*@w3.org mailing lists Thomas Maslen (Wednesday, 26 July)

Sessions and Privacy redux Brian Behlendorf (Tuesday, 25 July)

Re: html precepts Daniel W. Connolly (Tuesday, 25 July)

Re: Multiple Stylesheet Notations Daniel W. Connolly (Tuesday, 25 July)

S/w dev. talk. drg.iiil@axcess.net.in (Tuesday, 25 July)

Apologies for wierd(inappropriate) email to www-talk Bret R. Warnick (Tuesday, 25 July)

Is there any WWW server using UNICODE? Noritoshi Demizu (Tuesday, 25 July)

graphics Projects Richard Hammond (Monday, 24 July)

Comments about your WWW site at www.pht.com by way of bret@pht.com (Monday, 24 July)

Hi by way of bret@pht.com (Monday, 24 July)

archive database by way of bret@pht.com (Monday, 24 July)

Verity news items Nick Arnett (Monday, 24 July)

Session-Id and privacy mechanisms Koen Holtman (Saturday, 22 July)

Session-Id John Franks (Friday, 21 July)

Research Scientist Position: MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory John C. Mallery (Friday, 21 July)

Report: Problems with the Expires header. Koen Holtman (Thursday, 20 July)

Which header field to use for entity author/contact. Steve Heaney (Wednesday, 19 July)

Re: subscribe to www-talk@mail.w3.org DIGEST www-talk-d-request@www10.w3.org (Wednesday, 19 July)

Accurate user-based log file analysis Terry Myerson (Monday, 17 July)

WWW server on NT ? Joel Zimmerli (Monday, 17 July)

IMAGING ON THE INTERNET Vinay Kumar (Friday, 14 July)

Paper submission to WWW4 Jerrold Maddox (Friday, 14 July)

File Types Eric Hausgaard (Friday, 14 July)

an answer I hope Craig Hubley (Friday, 14 July)

Re: Tad Coburn (Thursday, 13 July)

(no subject) Darmadi Komo (Thursday, 13 July)

mosaic config Meritt, Jim (Wednesday, 12 July)

Access count utility Giuseppe Surace (Wednesday, 12 July)

File upload from a Web browser Patrick Petit (Wednesday, 12 July)

PC servers Ronald@trace.com.tw (Wednesday, 12 July)

WWW <-> DB Ingo Macherius (Tuesday, 11 July)

PC servers Meritt, Jim (Tuesday, 11 July)

NCSA Mosaic for Microsoft Windows v2.0.0 Final Beta Terrence M. McLaren (Tuesday, 11 July)

(no subject) John Salerno (Tuesday, 11 July)

Information in the log file to calculate approximate response time Prasad Wagle (Monday, 10 July)

a BOOKMARK tag ?? Ben Adida (Monday, 10 July)

Document contains no data ? Darmadi Komo (Monday, 10 July)

WWW4 Paper Submission [was: Questions about the 4th Int'l WWW Conference in Boston ] (fwd) Lee Chen (Saturday, 8 July)

info.cern.ch Taisir (Saturday, 8 July)

=== Q: 4th Int'll WWW Conference in Boston === Lee Chen (Friday, 7 July)

Re: Reaad my Pages! Donald E. Eastlake 3rd (Friday, 7 July)

Questions about the 4th Int'l WWW Conference in Boston Lee Chen (Friday, 7 July)

Re: keep-connection Martin Hamilton (Thursday, 6 July)

INCLUDE-tag Danyel Ceccaldi (Thursday, 6 July)

Re: FYI: <LANG> tags for HTML? Mike Paciello, VIIS: 381-1831 (Wednesday, 5 July)

Developing 'language tags' for HTML3.0 lynn is I.N.X.J.U. (Monday, 5 July)

Web thru E-mail mbeckham@usaresearch.com (Monday, 3 July)

NetScape Mail-List Carlos Carvalhal (Monday, 3 July)

About CCI Carlos Carvalhal (Monday, 3 July)

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