> >And for the record, I just want to point out that the
> >  ``technology which enabled Web documents to contain fully-interactive
> >    "inline" program objects''
> >was existing in ViolaWWW and was *released* to the public, and in full
> >source code form, even back in 1993... Actual conceptualization and
> >existence occured before '93.
> There have been many systems capable of sending inline code. I wrote
> one more than 5 years ago. The only differentiator is the use of

What does "inline code" mean? I am comfused. Do you mean it is a method
that both the browser and the server undetstand well and can be used as
a programming language or shell language to perform very complexed 

I think it is impossible, as there is no language which is platform 
independent enough across the whole World Web. If there is, the Web
can become the OS of next century, I can say, and there will be no 
DOS and Windows, no Microsoft, no IBM, only Web and thousands of computer
makers who support Web.

The Web is so WONDERFUL, and it will be more WONDERFUL if we do agree on
a language all the browsers and servers can understand and run it.

Are there any orgnization work on it?

Robert Wang

Received on Tuesday, 29 August 1995 21:48:57 UTC