Re: Q: How to run a script instead of index.html?

   Date: Mon, 21 Aug 1995 14:50:38 +0100
   From: (Despodata)

   I am trying to make my server (NCSA 1.3) behave inteligently about the 
   language it should use to any user. To do that, I need, first of all, 
   to run a program from cgi-bin instead of delivering my htdocs/index.htm.

   I've looked at conf/* but it is not evident to how to do this. Can anybody
   help me please?

FWIW, the current beta cycle of Apache (in particular, the current
beta release, 0.8.10) and the CERN server both support this
functionality directly in the server itself, without needing to go
through a CGI script.  (However, Apache is largely compatible with
NCSA 1.3, while the CERN server's config files have a somewhat
different format).
See for more on Apache, if you're interested.


Received on Monday, 21 August 1995 09:59:24 UTC