Re: File upload from a Web browser

Netscape has announced support for Java in their browsers, probably by the 
end of the year 
(<URL:>).  This lets 
the genie out of the bottle, as Netscape can then be extended in a nearly 
arbitrary fashion.  From what I understand of Java, it should not take a lot 
of time to create a file upload applet.

Someone should do this, as many of us have had to create work-arounds to 
support our applications; it would be so much nicer just to tell users to 
fill out a Web form to submit their document rather than forcing them to run 
another program (and forcing me to *code* another program!).

Although we need object-oriented Web extensions too, file upload is a 
relatively simple task that enables the easy creation of webs that can be 
written by the same tools from which they are read.  After all, you can 
regard a filesystem as a concrete, non-inheritable object with data 
(filenames, directory names, file data) and methods (open, write, stat, ...) 
just like many objects we use in object-oriented programming.
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Received on Friday, 14 July 1995 13:50:31 UTC