Re: FYI: <LANG> tags for HTML?

Just received this from Yuri Rubinsky about an hour ago. This may provide help
in both cases (HTML and SGML). Unless I'm misreading this, LANG=xx can be
specified as an attribute to *any* HTML element.

- Mike 

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The ICADD LANG tag doesn't help here, in a way, because it doesn't
exist in HTML, which seems to be where it is wanted by this person.
The HTML approach is more general, because it allows *any* element (or
nearly any element -- I haven't checked just now) to specify LANG=xx
on an attribute, where xx is the ISO two-chracter name for a language.

The poster is wrong about the SGML-rule (sic) being broken by
BLOCKQUOTE. The default SGML declaration establishes an 8-character
limit, but HTML uses its own declaration and re-sets that limit,
which is completely legal.

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