Web thru E-mail

     Hi Ian and All:
     First, for those of you/us pushing the Web technology envelope 
     and wondering why I'm cluttering up your mailbox with this -- 
     Again, in view of e-mail's towering dominance as the #1 most 
     common user platform, this would be a great feature to add to all 
     the Web- servers- in- development our there today.  Not as sexy 
     as Web client/server OOPL or http DOM extensions, but very 
     practical and important.
     Now, Ian, the 2 servers we know of for Web-thru-E-mail:
     (1) mailto:  webmail@www.ucc.ie
     body:  GO [insert url you want]
     Unfortunately, the turnaround time of this server seems to 
     average about 1 week.  This server only handles http urls (e.g., 
     no FTP, etc.)
     (2) mailto:  agora@w3.mail.org
     body:  send [insert url you want]
     Yes, I see you already have tried this server.  But, a couple of 
     points -- (a) The word from W3 is that they are currently 
     re-jiggering their mail servers and "to have patience" during 
     this period (about 2 to 4 weeks).  In general, the turn-around 
     time of this server is 15 to 30 minutes.  (b) The many previous 
     addresses to this server have all been replaced by the address 
     above, so, only that address likely works.
     If you, or other folks, know of similar Web-by-E-mail servers, 
     please shout.

Received on Monday, 3 July 1995 15:30:21 UTC