PHT.COM writes to the world...

You folks at PHT.COM have got some internal discussions going using a list
of addressees that includes, so that your messages are
being shared with the world.  You might want to fix that, before any
particularly sensitive subjects come up.

However, given that one of the current threads on www-talk involves
privacy problems in an electronic world, you do provide a nice case study
of how modern technology allows us to easily violate our own privacy on a
global scale...

On Mon, 24 Jul 1995 wrote:

> I should have done this earlier, but didn't really have time to do it.  
> Here is a brief description of how to fill the database.  Please send me 
> any suggestion and opinions.
> - File Name: Name of the archive in the internet
> - DOS File Name: DOS conpatible file name you can create file names 
> byyourself, but I recommend to make a function to do it so the conversion 
> is consistent.
> - key words: we have to decide what key words we use but for now, leave 
> them blank
> - author name: last name first, separated by comma. so my name is gona 
> look "Ashida, Koji"
> - site & shareware status & file type: try not to add any more.  Choose 
> one from the list.  If you think you need to add something, send e-mail 
> to other people ( ones who get this mail would be good enough, I think ) 
> with the new option
> - one liner: description of the file from the internet.  can be copy righted
> - description: any descriptive text from the archive.  this will be used 
> to make another one liner by ourself
> - no good: doesn't run, corrupted
> I'm planning to add another field for _our_ one liners.  Is it OK for you 
> guys?
> Ask me anything about the database.
> Koji

Received on Tuesday, 25 July 1995 08:04:04 UTC