Can anyone here advise on the procedure for forwarding  
counterevidence against a pending patent (like Pei's and Simon's  
below) to the right people at the US Patent and Trademark Office?

Pei Wei <> writes:
> And for the record, I just want to point out that the
>   ``technology which enabled Web documents to contain
>     fully-interactive "inline" program objects''
> was existing in ViolaWWW and was *released* to the
> public, and in full source code form, even back in 1993...
> Actual conceptualization and existence occured before '93.

Simon Spero <> writes:
> In that case, the patent is worthless. Dynamic exchange
> of executable code over the internet for use in rendering
> documents has been addressed many times before. For
> example, a standard for the exchange of such  information
> was discussed at the spring 1992 meeting of the
> implementors working group of NISO sub-committee
> Z39.50 which took place at the Library of Congress in
> Washington.

Paul Burchard	<>
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Received on Monday, 21 August 1995 16:43:53 UTC