Re: Let's talk strategy

Every browser has idiosyncracies that will make pages look crumby on other
browsers.  I use netscapeisms to improve the presentation for my own viewing.
I'm imbarresed when someone points our a problem using Mosaic, I should
know better.  

1.  Netscape made a good attempt to develop non-interfering extensions.
2.  Netscape allows quite effective presentation of information.
3.  Netscape promises Java.
4.  Netscape is supportive of the standards process.
5.  There are enough Netscape users to make providing for them worthwhile.
6.  There are enough netscape enhanced services, bad and good, to make
    supporting them, to a point, consistant with the web philosophy, 
    just as we once supported gopher. 
    (you don't have to love it to support it as long as it's in use :-),

Received on Monday, 31 July 1995 16:51:24 UTC