Q: How to create a Web browser

I want to develop my own simple Web browser, running under
Windows environment. Because Internet is a new issue in my country,
I can not find any sources covering the Web protocol.
I need your guidance because I do not know how to start.

1. What are the steps in developing a Web browser? I think I must learn
   HTML, HTTP, and Windows Socket first. Is it right ?

2. Where is the Internet site I can get the specific documents
   about those protocols? I have only e-mail and FTP access, means I can go
   to http://info.cern.ch.

3. What are the books that describing the WWW protocols or how to build
   a browser?

4. Where can I get Windows Socket's Software Development Kit?

I am waiting for your kindly response.

Best Regards,


Received on Friday, 25 August 1995 01:26:30 UTC