Re: session-id redux

> If you really want to do state the right way, use Java. 

Huh? Making everyone switch to a beta-release browser that only works on 
a few clients (last I looked) is "the right way"?  I thought this was the 
*inter*net.  :-)

I suppose encryption is "the right way" when you use Netscape, and ease 
of use is "the right way" when you use AOL or CServe or whatever.
A shame all these "right ways" are contradictory.

I handle stateful dialogs just fine with CGI scripts and no other wierd 
and wonderful HTTP headers, and it works thru proxies and it works with 
service providers and it even works with mostly-broken browsers.

Received on Wednesday, 26 July 1995 13:12:32 UTC