Re: Weblet patent

On Mon, 21 Aug 1995, Mike Doyle wrote:

> Please note from our Web site that, in almost all cases, Eolas'
> Weblet-related technologies will be licensed free of charge for
> noncommercial use. 

You can bet your sweet bippy they will be - invalidated patents collect no 

In the last few dozen messages several people have pointed out several 
examples of prior art (what is a postscript file if not an applet?), overly 
vague terminology (just *exactly* what is a 'world wide web document'?) 
that could imply that the patent would be impermissibly broad, and the 
fact that it is an obvious invention well discussed in the field long before 
your patent (public discussion of the idea of downloading programs dates 
back to AT LEAST May 1992:
            Date: Thu, 21 May 92 14:21:41 GMT+0200
            From: timbl (Tim Berners-Lee)
            Message-id: <9205211221.AA10960@ >
            To: "(Arnold Bloemer)" <>
            Subject: Program Links in WWW

Tell you what - how about you put up a copy of the patent application 
somewhere where we can actually read it - and then we can see if we 
really are are 'reading too much' into your press release. 

Betcha we aren't. Unless your patent application is *MUCH* narrower than 
it appears so far - it has NO chance of being finally upheld.

Benjamin Franz

Received on Monday, 21 August 1995 21:34:30 UTC