Re: File upload from a Web browser

Mark Fisher wrote :

>I also see Java as a way to prototype new browser features, like file 
>upload.  Once the prototype serves its purpose, though, the feature should 
>be hard-coded into browsers.  There are useful file upload apps (the TCE 
>Corporate Technical Memory being one) where local directory restrictions on 
>files would not be a problem, so Java would be an appropriate prototyping 

>Maybe it is my own myopic viewpoint, but file upload seems to be one of just 
>a small handful of WWW browser features that have a very high benefit/cost 
>ratio that have not been implemented.  Unicode support (admittedly 
>significantly higher cost) seems to be the other...
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To my mind, the most significant missing feature in browsers is
support for equations. This seems to be a strange feature to omit,
as there are so many requirements for it. Several source code
implementations for equation renderers exist, so why the delay ?

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