List Etiquette

Before everyone jumps into a flame fest, let me remind our subscribers
that this forum is not the place for announcements UNLESS the announced
product is intended for the developer/hacker of source code and is
specifically related to the World-Wide Web project.  ANYONE that posts
to this WG a product announcement that does not include complete source
code (and the right to look at it, play with it, sleep with it under
your pillow at night, etc.) will be subject to severe retribution from
the crowd at large. 

   ** NOTE: This also includes announcements for versions of     **
   ** free software browsers that do not include source code,    **
   ** even if some other version of the browser includes source. **

ANYONE that CCs to multiple lists without good reason will be summarily
barred from ever posting to any www-* public mailing list, from now until
eternity (or at least until someone accidentally deletes the reject list).

DO NOT RESPOND to other peoples idiocy unless you can make the point
educational to the readership of this list, as Brian (fortunately) did.
If you want to complain about their behavior, do so in personal mail.
As in most cases, the perpetrator in this instance was not even subscribed
to the mailing list.

....Roy Fielding (

Received on Monday, 17 July 1995 21:02:52 UTC