Re: Accurate user-based log file analysis

On Tue, 18 Jul 1995, Terry Myerson wrote:
>   30% are academic - The location of these users can be determined.

Quack - thanks for playing.  Academic users (in the UK at least) are
getting heavily on the proxy cache bandwagon.  Take (or even
our lowly for example; that appears as one host but
hides hundreds, if not thousands of users.  How are you going to know that
an access from is really me from  We're 
over a hundred miles apart (ok, chicken feed in American terms maybe but
that's a big distance in the UK). Think of universities as fairly hefty
companies - after all they are - and see your third entry. 

Lastly; pop quiz.  Where is  Where is

>   30% are from small businesses - The location of these users can be determined

Er, how are you going to determine the location of lots small businesses
who have CompuServe accounts?  They sure don't all physically exist
anywhere near the CompuServe site.  Also small businesses have a habit of
even sharing one account amongst all their employees so you could be
seeing different people appearing as the same user.

>   20% are from large businesses - The location of these users can't be assured

Agree (at last :-) ).


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