Re: File upload from a Web browser gave a good insight that can be greatly
> Maybe what's needed is a way to categorise browsers, e.g. an independent
> body (W3O ?) could give browsers some kind of seal of approval when they
> support all the features of a given HTML/HTTP version. This might encourage
> the companies to support long awaited features before they let the
> programmers loose to play with the bells and whistles.

	It seems that these days companies across the board
	turn things out fast to get a quick buck.  Look at
	what is happening with the implementation of the
	'super highway' -- I haven't heard much in the way
	of plans for giving us an infrastructure that will truly
	support 21st century communications.  Instead it looks like
	the companies are using cabling and technology that 
	they could have had in place  years ago and putting their
	bucks into developing software and products that will
	bring them a quick dollar.  

	I hope I am exaggerating... Please convince me. 


Received on Thursday, 13 July 1995 14:37:57 UTC