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From: Rich Wiggins <WIGGINS@msu.edu>
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 95 19:00:00 EDT
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>Not strictly necessary.  You may forward any such prior art to the
>people or company who have filed the patent application.  They are
>required to bring it to the attention of the PTO.
>Kevin Gross

Wow!  Not being an attorney, I'm wondering what the definitions are
of terms like "World-Wide Web" and "interactive" and "bi-directional
communications between browser and external application".

At the first Internet Gopher workshop, held in August 1992, I
recall we had a lot of discussion of scripting -- Gopher client
downloads an application which interacts with the user.  As
I recall, Iowa had done some experimentation with that.  The
idea of scripting seemed pretty obvious to us at the time;
we all had concerns about security, of course.

But seems to me we were talking about *downloadable scripts* that
would be *executed externally from the Gopher browser*; and
certainly we had *interactive applications* in mind.  Now
if Gopher is a subset or a part of the Web....

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