Re: Session-ID proposal

Dave Kristol:

This proposal is not clear enough about caching. Specifically:

  is the session-id header in the request part of the cache key for the
  entity in the response?

If it is, this means that almost no meaningful caching is possible for
services using session-id, even if 99% if the entities in the session
(inline pictures, product description pages) do not depend on the session

If it is not, session-id may be an unreliable mechanism (in that it cannot
be used to build reliable statfull dialogs), depending on how pessimistic
you are about cache administrators adhering to standards.

I'm busy on a session-id proposal that tries to resolve these issues.
I expect to be posting it at the end of this week.

>Dave Kristol

Received on Tuesday, 8 August 1995 04:52:28 UTC