Re: Re M Mealing suggestion

Terry Allen said this:
> Michael Mealling suggested a META att on A to allow an anchor to
> point separately to meta for the target (Dexter:head) of the link.
> It would be good to be able to do this sometimes, but the mechanism
> could be abused by authors who point to either false meta or
> false content, relying on the true content or meta to lull readers
> into acceptance.
> Maybe that's a better issue for the URI list; in any event the
> reader would have to be made aware that the meta was being fetched
> per info in the link rather than as a result of a fresh attempt
> at finding it through a URC resolution service (the point of
> departure for Michael's suggestion).
> The case of pointing to one's own meta in HTML's META is somewhat
> different, but the possibilities for confusion and deceit are
> similarly interesting.

I most definitly agree with Terry here. Most of this comes primarily
from my desire to have an anchor be a much more complex object than
just an address or a name (URN). I'm also looking for a method
jump starting URC services on the web without needing to wait
for URN resolution methods in order to point to it. I guess a LINK
in the documents HEAD will have to do for now....

I guess our one level of indirection will have to wait for URNs....


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