Re: HTML and mailing list processors

On Thu 24 Aug, 1995, Rich Wiggins <> wrote:
>installed assuming a mix of anonymous users.  In university microlabs
>Netscape unfortunately often serves as a fast path to e-mail spoofing,
>sometimes accidental, sometimes deliberate. The "mailto:" URL and
>proposed cousins assume that each Web browser installed has been
>configured for one human to use.   That's often not the case.

and in the 'commercial' world, things are just as bad. The browser
doesn't force people to configure an email address at all, even
worse some don't seem able to put the hostname portion in (Netscape's
guilty here) when emailing or posting news.

What's worse, is the number of people that are incapable of typing
their email address into a form. Well, I guess those people just
lose out on anything useful, except that I've noticed they will
attempt many times to get a response- I get the bounces.

-- jrg.

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