Re: Accurate user-based log file analysis

On Tue, 18 Jul 1995, Terry Myerson wrote:
> For our geographic analysis, we only use U.S. top-level domains. 
> Most U.S. academic sights have their own .edu address. The geographic
> analysis is part of our Domestic Organization Summary, see

Ah right; just as long as we're clear that this isn't going to work in an 
international market.  And you're going to have to hope that US 
University's don't start spreading campuses all over the place under one 
domain name or having lots of staff and students telecommute in from all 
over the country.

Incidentally, the answers to my little pop quiz are that is
DeMontfort University which is based in Leicester but has sites at Bedford
and Milton Keynes as well, and is the Open University which is
officially based in Milton Keynes but which is in reality spread far and
wide throughout the country (it specialises in part time home study in
collaboration with the BBC).

> Just curious, what is "Dogsbody" ?

Heh, loads of my US correspondants have asked this.  Its sort of 
equivalent to your concept of an office gopher - a dogsbody gets to do 
all the thankless jobs nobody else will do.


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