Re: PC servers

>>      Anyone have experience with PC-based web servers?  Which?
>>      Jim Meritt
>I use OS/2 and it works fine.
>Ronald Wiplinger    [Taipei, 24h online]   Tel: +886 2 609-0652, Fax: +886 2

        I found that Gunter Hille's Web4Ham works well under OS/2 or
Windoze.   I use the former when I can,  but use te latter when my wife
needs QuickBooks.   (Trumpet Winsock seems to work equally well under
either,  along with things like my answering machine software)

        Jim,  which server code are you running on OS/2?

Rick Troth <>, Houston, Texas, USA

Received on Saturday, 15 July 1995 21:29:59 UTC