Re: "Hits" pragma

At 10:44 PM 8/15/95, Larry Masinter wrote:
>If most server administrators don't care about statistics most of the
>time, why burden the proxies with gathering data that most of them
>don't want? As was proposed earlier, let those-who-want-usage-data
>periodically turn off caching for their documents to get better data.
>It takes only a little advanced planning to make sure 'expires' dates
>don't exceed date-of-next-usage-survey.

I definitely don't agree that most server administrators feel this way.  I
maintain a CGI-FAQ, and *the* single most FAQ is "how can I put a counter
on my page?"  Obviously this is anecdotal, but my conclusion is that many
people who provide information to the web are *very* interested in exactly
how many times their pages are accessed.  On a per-page basis, no less, and
graphically displayed to every new visitor.

Marc Hedlund <>

Received on Wednesday, 16 August 1995 02:08:09 UTC