Re: Verity news items

>Folks, ALL of the www-* lists at are restricted to software
>development.  That is why they exist, and why people are willing to
>read them.  If we don't restrict them, then the people doing development
>won't have time to read them at all, just as I have no time to read
>netnews any more.
>This list is called www-talk because it is for developers to talk
>about Web technology in general and not tied to a specific protocol
>or project.  We considered changing it to www-developers a long time
>ago, but decided that it wouldn't help the situation much (and we'd
>have to change all the documentation that pointed to it).

Sorry to take so long to reply, but I've been busy traveling and fighting a
nasty cold.  Despite being on the list for more than a year, I didn't
realize it was quite so restricted.  Perhaps it's that documentation that
fooled me... ;-)

I could have talked about what our announcements mean for developers, but I
really thought it inappropriate to do anything more than post a quick
summary and see if anyone wanted to follow up with discussion.  I suspected
(or perhaps feared) that announcement of a commercial spider would lead to
some interesting developer discussions.

I'll resist (mostly) the temptation to talk about our agent products as a
solution to the volume of Usenet articles and e-mail messages... that would
be marketing ;-)


Received on Wednesday, 26 July 1995 20:47:04 UTC