Re: File upload from a Web browser

On Fri, 14 Jul 1995, Fisher Mark wrote:
> Netscape has announced support for Java in their browsers, probably by the 
> end of the year 
> (<URL:>).  This lets 
> the genie out of the bottle, as Netscape can then be extended in a nearly 
> arbitrary fashion.  From what I understand of Java, it should not take a lot 
> of time to create a file upload applet.

Java is cool, and I'd definitely prefer to see it used to extend 
*capabilities* of browsers (new widgets, a better data type handler, a 
new or better protocol handler) than the majority of uses I see now 
(animation), but does the presence of Java in a browser suddenly mean the 
browser doesn't have to have any standard or well-classed behaviors?  
Should we just ditch forms altogether because a Java AWT widget could be 
used instead?

At what point do the worlds of Java and formalism collide?  Dan?

That said, Java is a damn good way to *prototype* new potential web 


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