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ndon James writes:
> Recently somebody outlined what they felt
>were the "precepts" or "considerations" used with the design of HTML.
>Unfortunately, I have forgotten these and cannot seem to reconstruct
>a statisfiable set myself.
>What I am asking is what is the basic "theology" ;) behind HTML?

The information you seek was originally written up by TimBL
way back in '91 (if not before). It's currently available at:

	HTML Design Constraints
	Wed Jun 29 18:15:09 1994

This is _one_ hop off "the HTML page" at:

(irony: no HTML in that URL!)

In particular, check out the history section:

Now that I've answered your question, I'm really curious to know why
you couldn't find this information yourself. Or did you in fact find
it, but overlook it because it seemed out of date?

Are the basic design issues and foundations of the web architecture
so hard to find? I wonder why?

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	HyperText Design Issues
	Thu Feb 23 20:02:48 1995


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