Re: Webperf: The Next Generation In Web Server Benchmarking

On Aug 22, 11:59pm, Prasad Wagle wrote:
> Subject: Webperf: The Next Generation In Web Server Benchmarking
> I am including a description of the Webperf benchmark that is being
> developed in the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC).
> We are now working on developing representative workloads.  More
> information on SPEC can be found at:
> Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.
> Regards,
> Prasad

	Just a quick note: the WebStone benchmark is still under active
development by SGI, and all interested parties are welcome to use it. The
current release is 1.0b2, and code and documentation are available at
<>. There's also a
mailing list - send mail to with the text:

subscribe webstone

	We're not really competing with SPEC and Sun on this - it's in
everyone's interest to have a good benchmark available. But we have testing
needs today, so we'll use WebStone until we have a reason to switch.

-- Mike

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