Re: Accurate user-based log file analysis

>Quack - thanks for playing.  Academic users (in the UK at least) are
>getting heavily on the proxy cache bandwagon.  Take (or even
>our lowly for example; that appears as one host but
>hides hundreds, if not thousands of users.  How are you going to know that
>an access from is really me from  We're 
>over a hundred miles apart (ok, chicken feed in American terms maybe but
>that's a big distance in the UK). Think of universities as fairly hefty
>companies - after all they are - and see your third entry. 

For our geographic analysis, we only use U.S. top-level domains. 
Most U.S. academic sights have their own .edu address. The geographic
analysis is part of our Domestic Organization Summary, see 

>Lastly; pop quiz.  Where is  Where is
>>   30% are from small businesses - The location of these users can be

I don't know. And the software doesn't pretend to either. International
users are counted as part of a separate report, the International 
User Summary. 

> Er, how are you going to determine the location of lots small businesses
> who have CompuServe accounts? 

CompuServe users are counted as part of the CompuServe user community--
which we count to be only about 5% of all users.

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Just curious, what is "Dogsbody" ?


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