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markup for content analysis Trent Shipley (Thursday, 31 May)

Models and Triples Devon Smith (Friday, 25 May)

model vs. triple Devon Smith (Tuesday, 29 May)

jdk/rdf-api~SiRPAC issue Chris Cera (Saturday, 26 May)

public CVS for swap stuff (cwm, n3, ...) Dan Connolly (Friday, 25 May)

daml validator Bob Smith (Friday, 25 May)

Do these folks know about RDF? Graham Klyne (Thursday, 24 May)

about attribute Victor Lindesay (Wednesday, 23 May)

ANN: Course "Programming XML in Java" Web site puninj@cs.rpi.edu (Thursday, 24 May)

Postdoctoral Position at the University of Lyon Yannick PriƩ (Wednesday, 23 May)

RDF and TopicMaps: an Exercise in Convergence Graham Moore (Wednesday, 23 May)

SV: Using RDF to describe DOM tests Dimitris Dimitriadis (Tuesday, 22 May)

Not-subClassOf Fernanda Hembecker (Tuesday, 22 May)

Yet another WordNet-in-RDF service Bradley P. Allen (Tuesday, 22 May)

RDF/Triple data store survey Art Barstow (Tuesday, 22 May)

SV: Using RDF to describe DOM tests Dimitris Dimitriadis (Tuesday, 22 May)

Using RDF to describe DOM tests Arnold, Curt (Tuesday, 22 May)

xml-->rdf tranforms. Jon Jablonski (Tuesday, 22 May)

reminder: MusicBrainz Metadata Initiative Dan Brickley (Monday, 21 May)

ANN: MDF - An application framework for processing metadata Kal Ahmed (Monday, 21 May)

Storing table definitions in RDF John S. Gage (Friday, 18 May)

N3 changes Tim Berners-Lee (Monday, 21 May)

rdfinference.org DNS Uche Ogbuji (Saturday, 19 May)

ANN: rdfws: Mailing list for discussion of RDF in Web services Uche Ogbuji (Saturday, 19 May)

Announcing EOR Wagner,Harry (Friday, 18 May)

RDF question Chris Reickenbacker (Thursday, 17 May)

RDF,DC and Current Search Engines Rick Jarosh (Thursday, 17 May)

Re: Leveraging UML in RDF Andrei S. Lopatenko (Friday, 18 May)

Fydra Johan @ CoWorks.Net (Wednesday, 16 May)

MARC -> RDF Wagner,Harry (Wednesday, 16 May)

Announce: mail list for RDF and digital libraries Art Barstow (Tuesday, 15 May)

Reified Statements Using Restrictions Sean B. Palmer (Monday, 14 May)

SOAP SMS Messaging Web Services for FREE Greg Simmons (Sunday, 13 May)

Another fragment issue Aaron Swartz (Sunday, 13 May)

The semantics of URIs and Resources Seth Russell (Friday, 11 May)

WWW10 Dev. Day Semantic Web track stuff Dan Connolly (Friday, 11 May)

Like to do something about logic on the Web? (fwd) Uche Ogbuji (Friday, 11 May)

IEEE Data Mining 2001: Call for Papers Ning Zhong (Thursday, 10 May)

Semantic Web Mining - Workshop at ECML/PKDD Siegfried Handschuh (Thursday, 10 May)

Ontologies Workshop - Call for Papers Siegfried Handschuh (Thursday, 10 May)

RE: RDF and xml:base Ron Daniel (Wednesday, 9 May)

Where did frames come from, then? (was RE: Mentographs a go-go) Meltsner, Kenneth (Wednesday, 9 May)

like SETI Danny Ayers (Wednesday, 9 May)

#rdf-ns-prefix-confusion Jason Diamond (Tuesday, 8 May)

rdfapi question Chris Cera (Tuesday, 8 May)

Questions on Container Proposal Aaron Swartz (Monday, 7 May)

RE: RDF Media Type Graham Klyne (Sunday, 6 May)

Language? Graham Klyne (Sunday, 6 May)

XMLP ed. drafts available for comment (fwd) Dan Brickley (Monday, 7 May)

Re: rdf schema Aaron Swartz (Sunday, 6 May)

Contexts vs. Reification Revisited Sean B. Palmer (Saturday, 5 May)

QName Problem Isn't One Aaron Swartz (Saturday, 5 May)

Representing quantification in RDF Seth Russell (Friday, 4 May)

Contexts, Axioms and Definitions in RDF(S) Alexandre Delteil (Friday, 4 May)

RDF Schema Intergration Marco Grawunder (Friday, 4 May)

quick syntax question Danny Ayers (Friday, 4 May)

Designing RDF data models Giuseppe Bux (Friday, 4 May)

ANN: 4Suite and 4Suite Server 0.11 Uche Ogbuji (Thursday, 3 May)

relational mapping? Danny Ayers (Thursday, 3 May)

Semantic? Syntax? Ding Li (Thursday, 3 May)

[www-rdf-interest] <none> Dr. Laurence Leff (Thursday, 3 May)

ANNOUNCE: New Release of Xpetal. Rose UML to RDF convertor Arnold deVos (Wednesday, 2 May)

ANNOUNCE: Large Model Validator Arnold deVos (Wednesday, 2 May)

Re: N3 contexts vs RDF reification Seth Russell (Tuesday, 1 May)

Use RDF to perfomr the digital signature jeanette liu (Tuesday, 1 May)

deliverables? Danny Ayers (Tuesday, 1 May)

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