RE: N3 contexts vs RDF reification

<- From: "pat hayes" <>
<- > [...] For a
<- > second-order language you need a universe which has things and also
<- > has relations in it (not just defined on it, but actually contained
<- > in it.) [...]
<- I think the term "2nd order" is used in this sense in the RDF M&S spec.
<- Maybe the authors should comment on whether they meant to use
<- the technical
<- meaning of "2nd order" or whether they were using the tern loosely.
<- - Arnold

I can't actually find any reference to 2nd order, but in the bit about
reification RDFMS says :

"4. Statements about Statements
In addition to making statements about Web resources, RDF can be used for
making statements about other RDF statements; we will refer to these as
higher-order statements."

Correct me if I'm wrong (Pat?), but reification turns a function/predicate
into an object. You don't actually need to do any quantification of the
function(s), so this can be done in 1st order logic. I would take this as
meaning the authors were using 'higher order' loosely.

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